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All Gays Wish Marine Vet Craig Stowell Was Their Brother

From Left: Craig and Calvin Stowell

Craig Stowell, a Marine veteran from New Hampshire, calls his gay brother Calvin his best friend.

Craig identifies as a conservative Republican. He does not, however, identify as a narrow-minded bigot, like some of his state lawmakers.

So he teamed up with New Hampshire Freedom to Marry to publish a full-page ad in the Union Leader, pushing legislators to let the state’s gay marriage law stand. Which it will, for at least the next couple years.

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  • Dino

    The world needs more straight brothers like this.

  • R.

    Can we please stop using the rainbow?

  • ???

    Wait a minute…. first we hate on GOProud at every opportunity because they support the people who marginalize gays, then we celebrate this dude who does the same thing???

  • alejandro

    @R.: what’s wrong with the rainbow?

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Huh? GOproud are against gay marriage.

  • Sparky

    Wow…how completely awesome! I think both Calvin and Craig are great. Their mother and father must be two of the greatest parents to ever raise children. If the Stowell family is looking to adopt an adult son, consider my hand raised.

  • Mark

    @???: GOProud is against gay marriage – do your homework!

  • Frank J. Schneider

    Why on earth does this guy identify as a conservative Republican. I believe in a small government too, but I’m a Democrat! Come-on Craig come on over to the “dark side!” – you can actually have all of the same beliefs that you currently have now; support your brother, keep government out of people’s private lives and ALSO be a Democrat!

  • matt

    My brother is like that; but he happens to be a Liberal Democrat. My brother is straight and said he has trouble voting for Obama even because Obama won’t come out for gay marriage. He earned my respect w that.

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