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  • Scott

    Ah! MY EYES!!!! ;)

  • andy

    She really cleans up nicely. I often see her in the daytime on 23rd street and gosh what a difference.

  • scott ny'er

    she looks like a blow up doll.

  • Oh-So-Very

    She looks emaciated… bleh

  • jason

    Utterly revolting. LePore looks like a waxy freak show from a strip club. EWWWW.

  • sam

    of course she’s revolting but that’s half teh charm :) loved seeing her <3 looked quite regal for a half naked half plastic woman in the back of a convertible

  • jason

    Between Amanda Lepoore and the blood-soaked take-away food shop, this says all you need to know about Sewer City.

  • james

    I am here in Sydney and attended my first Mardi Gras. I was led to believe that it was going to be thew most spectacular thing ever. Meh. It was just OK, and pales in comparison to the NY and San Francisco parades. And the fact that Amanda Lepore was the grand marshal showed how desperate the gay community is for any kind of celeb. Lepore is famous for – what? Having a sex change and posing for pictures at nightclubs? Is she the trans Paris Hilton? Anyway, glad the zero talent Amanda is getting yet more useless press.

  • j

    Awk leave amanda alone. But really, how does on get THAT skinny? :S


    Say what you will… But, I must defend Amanda. She is a wonderful and very nice person. Many of the ‘icons’ of gay NYC nightlife are bitchy and terrible – Amanda is always polite, kind and gracious. She dares to be outrageous without being a diva bitch.

  • Kieran

    Amanda Lepore your ass! Anybody can see that’s obviously the great Joan Rivers.

  • romeo

    The mind boggles at how much all that cost. ( I mean Amanda, not the parade. )

  • Harry

    Love Amanda, but the set-up just looks so cheap. Couldn’t they have got a better ‘float’? She’s just sitting on the boot of a car!

  • GMan

    The SGLMG was once the most spectacular event of its kind in the world but its halcyon days ended around 1999. Nowadays it’s just a shadow of its former self as G&L people have everything they could want except “gay marriage” and have pretty much blended into the broader community. I’m sure the Rio and Sao Paulo parades are the most spectacular things ever these days. As for Amanda, she looks like a wild animal that’s been skinned alive. Yuck.

  • jason

    The floats in the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras are so cheap looking. They’re basically motor vehicles with a few decorations hanging off them. LOL. You’d think they’d come up with something better than that!!!

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    I too have seen Amanda in the streets of NYC and she does speak back very politely when spoken to. I wish anyone luck who got up off thier ass and try/tried to do something with their lives instead of critize EVERYTHING, sexual orientation be damned.

  • Solis

    What I wanna know is: Who’s that cute passenger in the front seat?

  • sam

    ugh everyones so freaking bitter about mardi gras and i find it distasteful.

    It might not be what it used to be, but there is no reason to slag it off or play the “ours is better than yours” game.

    I’ve never been to sydney before and all the people there were incredibly welcoming and kind,a nd so very much wanted me to ahve the best mardi gras i could.

    And so far i am.

    So quit whining and enjoy something for once

  • Seb

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, Sam. And IMO it’s a shit, embarrassing event and the massive bad publicity this year tends to support me. ;-)

  • Shae

    What percentage of this thing is still actual skin?

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