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  • divkid

    a-hubba and, indeed, a-bubba.

  • divkid

    …and yet on reflection slightly Eddie Munster-ish.

    But the body…Hell yes!

  • divkid

    NO!…Seriously?… Queerty, is business SO bad that your ACTUALLY pimping for this guy?

    Damn proud of you, all of us and your mom.

  • KJM1968

    More like all steroids.


    I can fully understand his wanting to show that despite his HIV status that he can still look healthy………But there ain’t any way that ain’t chemically enhanced body parts in that pic. He needs to do some serious thinkin about how that shit is going to clash with his HIV meds……….

  • Joe

    This guy does nothing for me.
    And as supposedly masculine as he appears to be in his photos he is anything but when he opens his mouth.
    He tries too hard.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. he got so much bigger than when he was on Project Runway. He looks different too. It must be the beard. I wouldn’t recognize him.

  • brandon H

    Thats not the same Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway is it? Doesn’t look anything like him.

  • divkid

    Yep, thats decided it. I’m gonna have to do the ‘roids. The gay scene is a fuckin’ arms race. And I’m getting left behind. Bring on the juice!

  • Polyboy

    Bring back Morning Goods!!!!!!!

  • alan brickman

    Bring back morning goods! But let’s call it..Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!…

  • alan brickman

    Or You can just adjust your protein intake to get muscles too….

  • AdonisOfFire

    Very nice…

  • divkid

    @alan Brickman:
    Nah, you don’t get bodies like SOME of these guys NATURALLY, or not without having gonads like a bull-elephant –there have always been such people, genetically blessed; but were rare. Or so I thought cuz now these cunts are popping up EVERY-WHERE. And they’re competition. And, well yes, fukin’ seksi too. Godamn-it!

    Really, I AM tryin’ to fight against this shallow, but. ya’know you get to a point…

  • Fitz

    There are some mean-spirited ugly bitches in the room. He looks great. Yes, he probably takes Testosterone. But a lot of long-term survivors of HIV do… injecting with T once a month doesn’t give you those arms and pecs.. good genes, diet and TONS of time in the gym do. If you think taking a medication can make you look like that, then you are an idiot. Just applaud the great body he built, and if it’s not for you, then move on. Why project shame just because you don’t look like that? Do you really want to live that much of an ugly life?

  • DR

    The man has won a gold medal in swimming at every gay games since 1990. While they ain’t Olympic medals, it’s still hardcore training and competition.

    It *is* entirely within the realm of possibility that, gee, he exercises, eats right, and is one of those genetically gifted people and not a ‘roid freak.

  • dvlaries

    Bring back Morning Goods

  • JC

    Is it just me, or does his facial hair scream Michael Jackson?

  • RLS

    I’ve met her in person, and while she’s undeniably big, she’s also the biggest, queeniest girl I’ve ever met.

    Her and that other queen Jesse Archer were giggling and running around like teenage BFFs at the event in question.

    I’m being bitchy I know, but he was just a hot mess in every sense of the word.

  • declanto

    I would gladly put up with Allen’s “jealous” comments if only Queerty would reinstate “morning woods”. Sigh, but yes, I’d eat this one raw.

  • Jack Mackenroth

    Oh Girls Girls, Thanks for the comments–tho I know where the catty comes from and so do you.

    To clarify–Im not on steroids or even testosterone for HIV because I didn’t like the side effects. I think FITZ said it best. I am a competitve swimmer and I’ve always had big jugs. Im actually not that big. I was just very worked out for this shoot and I dieted strictly for a couple weeks before. I work out at east 2 hours every day and I have for 20 years. So there’s that.

    And about the queeny comments. Um…Yeah. You say that like its a bad thing. I’ve NEVER met a gay guy who doesn’t have his moments. Embrace the gayness boys–y’all are.

    Seacreast out.

    Jack Mack

  • Fitz

    RLS: I’m ok with queeny gayness. It’s part of us. I’m not so hot on “mean spirited”, which is also part of us. And I am definitely not ok with misogyny, which also seems to be a part of us :(

  • Rock in Sunny FL

    I can’t believe you posters are looking at a (very well done) beauty shot and then bitching about his personality or why he was selected as the subject. Lighten up, queens. It’s a beautiful photo and he looks good in it. I’m sure it wasn’t posted here as a testament to his social skills or community involvement, either.

  • Leesa Nixon

    Jack: Just ignore the haters, honey you are gorgeous, inside and out. You do so much for the gay community with your activism and HIV fund raising and bringing awareness about HIV and how it isn’t an automatic death sentence. You are a wonderfully, gifted person…and honestly your body rocks, but that doesn’t even tip the iceberg of all you are. You were there for me at I time when I needed support and I will always be grateful. So just ignore these jealous haters, the people who know you, know you have the looks, brains and the heart of a real champion! Love you.

  • RLS

    @Fitz: Point taken. It’s funny. I work in an industry where I meet and interact with a LOT of these types.

    And I will just say I’ve met Oscar winners with less attitude than some of the gaylebrities we put on a pedestal.

    The gay world truly is one big high school cafeteria.

  • Soupy

    Not my gay world. Mine is a lovely place full of friends and love.

  • Robert Breining

    I think Jack does amazing things for the Gay and HIV community. He is a rock star in my eyes. He has always been open and honest with the public so why try to discredit him now.

  • Marc Sandau

    I have known Jack for over 15 years. He is an amazeing person and all of you jealous queens… Get a life and a job !!

  • Jesse Sanchez

    I have known Jack for almost 4-years now and all I can say is, “AMAZING!”

    He is genuine, funny, charismatic, and outrageous. He does what he wants when he wants and does not care what others think; which is why we probably get along so well.

    On our drive from Miami to Fort Lauderdale we had a conversation about people hating on HIV+ men who want to come forward. Seriously? Let it be! They are doing a good deed!

    Also, if Jack injects himself or doesn’t or decides to inject himself with chemical X, who the flip cares. He looks A+mazing!

    Rock on girl!!!! Oh, and yeah he can be quite a “girl” but it is all in the name of fun. Oh, and seriously look at him…. Would you wanna mess with a “girl” that big? Because she will put you in your place in no time :) SMACK DOWN :)

    Jack is a great person and he doesn’t need to please anyone but himself.

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