“Swinging Richards,” All-Male Strip Bar, Sues North Miami Beach For Discriminating Against Gays

The city of North Miami Beach has long turned a blind eye toward a law prohibiting bars with fully nude performers from serving alcohol. In this now-bygone era, female titty bars Dean’s Gold and G5ive lived harmoniously alongside male ding-dong-danglin’ joint Swinging Richards.

It was Swinging Richards’ bursting (literally) onto the scene in November 2011—replacing a female strip club with one catering to the male homosexual crowd—that caused city officials to start cracking down and following the letter of the law, reports the Miami New Times.

And Swinging Richards isn’t taking this one lying down (these puns are too easy, I apologize). They’re suing the city bastards for discriminating against gays who have a healthy appreciation for all parts of the male body.

Writes the New Times:

Last week, the owner of Swinging Richards sued the city in federal court alleging that North Miami Beach officials are discriminating against the club because of its name and because it features all-nude male dancers. City Attorney Darcee Siegel notified Swinging Richards that the city would begin enforcing its law banning booze sales at fully nude strip clubs on May 16.

Councilwoman Barbara Kramer says she couldn’t comment specifically on Swinging Richards, but she believes the city should also apply the law to Dean’s Gold and G5ive, the two strip clubs featuring nude female dancers…

According to Swinging Richards’ lawsuit, the city grandfathered the club’s predecessor “Miami Gold” and the other adult entertainment venues when the law banning liquor sales and nudity in the same place was enacted in 1989. Five years later, the city amended the law to include other prohibitions, but again the three strip clubs were protected, the complaint argues. But when the new owner—who owns a male strip club also called Swinging Richards in Atlanta—bought the space and changed the name, city officials have been trying to find any way to shut it down.

Guess we’ll have to make a quick trip to Miami before Swinging Richards (which looks superhot in the ad above) closes at the end of May.

Is there a way for the North Miami Beach officials to back down in their quest to disenfranchise a gay strip club? The whole adult erotic entertainment industry in the area might crumble now that it’s getting press attention.

Alternatively, can this joint survive without the booze? Probably not—that’s where the money is. The eye candy is just a mere draw, and doesn’t provide much in the way of revenue. Plus, musclebound models writhing on poles probably cost a lot more than cute bartenders.

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