All-Nude Rugby Teams Go Head-To-Head In New Zealand

England-v-New-Zealand-Naked-Rugby-Match-(7)Diving becomes our second-favorite sport this morning as we discover naked rugby, a game which you can probably guess by its name is simply rugby without any restrictive clothing.

These games are apparently so common that New Zealand has its own “premiere naked rugby team” — the virtually unbeatable Nude Blacks, who destroyed the English invitational team 24-19 on Sunday. Their dedication to the art of naked tackling has won them the new “Dunny-din” trophy, and millions of revelers worldwide.

Check out nearly 10 minutes of uncensored footage via local 3 News New Zealand, and make sure you watch long enough to catch that totally-nude haka dance.







Photos via The Mirror

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  • Cam

    The games usually take longer, you know, because of all the sex. lol

  • Dxley

    They’re taking this contact sport thing way too far!

  • cformusic

    damn..why couldnt this be a basketball game..or american football..:**(

  • redcarpet

    And I’m sure they are all saying there is nothing gay about it.

    Reminds me of the wrestlers in high school who swore up and down there was nothing gay about the sport and put on so much extra tough guy bravado to compensate. I’m sorry but you don’t get to be 100 percent straight and play a sport where fingering your opponent’s asshole is a common thing. I’m also looking at you water polo!

  • stranded

    Too bad they dont have professional rugby player bodies, but a lot of them had really nice asses.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @stranded: lol right?

  • hotshot70

    they aren’t really nude if they wear those flags.

  • michael mellor

    Male nudity is not gay. The only people who see it as gay are people with no lives.

    One saving grace of this display is that nobody suffered diarrhea.

  • UWSguy

    What I wouldn’t give to be the fluffer for that team

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t think they are gay. They are just very comfortable with male nudity.

  • justyouandi

    I wish redcarpet wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that these guys have to be gay. So many gay guys are always trying to add to our ranks by insisting that everything they see that they themselves would find erotic, HAS to be that way for the participants being observed. That means that eventually we will see LESS of it, because straight guys will back off of a normal and playful activity because the “redcarpets” of the world loudly insist they HAVE to be gay to do something like that. I have taken notice that in recent years gym locker rooms have become almost nude-free zones. Showers are now individual and closed off, rather than one big open room for several guys. Urinals have privacy partitions between them. There are signs up in the locker rooms saying you must wear a bathing suit in the saunas and jacuzzi. Everybody wraps a towel around them to remove their pants, or to put them back on. I can’t remember the last time I saw a penis in the locker room. So redcarpet ……….. , doing that is ruining it for everybody. Please don’t.

  • redcarpet

    @justyouandi: Queen, please. I was mostly joking, and it was poking fun at straight machismo, not trying to “recruit”. And you can go to a damn bath house if you want to see random dick that bad.

    Long story short, Sorry/not sorry.

  • justyouandi

    Wow, redcarpet, do you ever fit a stereotype!

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    Seems odd they are all shitting orange turds. Something in their diet???

  • jeffsmith60

    New Zealand TV news rocks! Try getting a clip like that in this country.

  • jwtraveler

    I think naked football or naked wrestling would do a lot to loosen the stick up the ass of all the uptight, homophobic straight men in the U.S. of uptight A-holes. It’ll never happen, though, in this country where any physical contact between men beyond a handshake is considered a gay come-on.

  • jwtraveler

    @hotshot70: The English players were wearing the flags; the Kiwis were naked. It’s kind of a naked “shirts and skins” thing.

  • jwtraveler

    Of course they’re not gay. Well there might be a fag or two among them, but it’s not a gay team. Kiwis have a much more casual attitude about nudity then we do. I went to a Naked Week event at a small gay retreat called Autumn Farm on the South Island. We went to a local nude beach and went hiking naked in a local national park. We got some looks, but nobody covered their kids eyes in horror or ran screaming to call the cops. I left before the annual naked bike ride, which I hear is lots of fun. The Kiwis can take all this nakedness with humor because they know the difference between nudity and sex and apparently don’t have the same Puritanical hang-ups that Americans have. They could teach us a lot.

  • scotty

    i’m waiting for nude hockey.

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