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All of America’s Churches Going Gay Friendly? … PA’s Elected D-Bag Daryl Metcalfe

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• HOLY CRAP: Are all of America’s churches going gay friendly? If that’s remotely true, do we need to add an asterisk to the Mormons?

• The All Saints Church in South Carolina, which split from the Episcopal Church after Bishop Gene Robinson was consecrated in New Hampshire, can keep its property, ending (for now) a five-year battle.

• Maine, Washington, and Michigan: Ground zero on gay rights battles this fall.

• It’s time to slap Thailand on the back for hosting that groundbreaking AIDS vaccine trial.

• Were the men who assaulted Blake Hayes in New York CityIraq war vets?

• First Look: Britney Spears, the singles.

• Obama includes gay families in National Family Day statement: “Whether children are raised by two parents, a single parent, grandparents, a same-sex couple, or a guardian, families encourage us to do our best and enable us to accomplish great things. Today, our children are confronting issues of drug and alcohol use with astonishing regularity. On Family Day, we honor the dedication of parents, commend the achievements of their children, and celebrate the contributions our Nation’s families have made to combat substance abuse among young people.”


• Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe didn’t want to recognize October as “Domestic Violence Awareness” month (because the gays wanted it!), is trying to ban gay marriage, and insists he “chose” his heterosexuality. Adorable!

• Lady Sovereign, who is awesome, allegedly spat in the face of bouncer at a gay club in Brisbane, which is not awesome.

• Earrings will look great on your Ken doll!

Chelsea Handler: “Sometimes I feel like I’m a gay man, sometimes I’m a gay man in a woman’s body, and sometimes I’m a gay woman. It depends on the time of day.”

• Judy Shepard is a liar! Not really, but it’s amusing to watch hate crimes deniers at their worst.

• Thirty-year-old man found dead with his pants down in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Police suspect, but haven’t concluded, an anti-gay assault.

• The offices of Equality Texas in Houston Austin were vandalized. Windows broken; nothing stolen.

• Does anyone really need to be reminded that “hermaphrodite” is a no-no word? Yes, actually.

• Gay tees filled with not so ironic slogans are a booming biz. Or, at least, a biz.

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  • Brad

    It was the Equality Texas office in AUSTIN (not Houston) that was vandalized.

  • Andrew

    HRC says the number of gay-friendly churches in the US is about 10,000 – out of 350,000 churches.

    Plus, gay-friendly only mean you can come inside without getting hurt. None of the Christian denominations has stated “homosexuality is not wrong, sinful or deviant.” No Church has either. ALL Christians still make homosexuality wrong. Gee, how friendly is that?

  • genial

    The first story on the growing changes within various church orgs is encouraging and something that brought a smile to this atheist’s face.

  • Josh

    @genial: What changes? Gays can work there now? wow. We can work everywhere.

    unless you meant that religion is dividing – I think we’ll have “new Christians” soon. Aren’t we all pretty tired of the old ones, anyway?

  • genial


    I’m drinking scotch. It mellows me out. I guess I should have been a little more specific, but hey, whatever.

  • terrwill

    Would someone please do an investigation into State Rep. Daryl (fat bastard) Metcalfe to which of the two standard hyprocritial acts rightwing-nutbag scumbags (who tend to jump with just a little too much enthusisam on the anti Gay bandwagon, and for some reason find the dire need to really,really,really defend the “sacred institution” of marriage) usually are discovered to engage in….does he:

    A: Cheat on his wife with a prostitute?
    B: Cheat on his wife sucking cock on anonmyous strangers?

  • terrwill

    And if there is even the tiniest bit of justice in this universe, the low life sub-human scum who spew that poo out of his mouth at Judy Shepard will have one of his children suffer the exact same horrible death that Matt Shepard suffered. Better yet, make that two of his kids.

  • Jason

    “Obama includes gay families in National Family Day statement..”:

    He remembers us?

  • gay super hero

    The word “hermaphrodite” comes from Hermaphroditus who -according to greek mythology- was the son of Venus and Mercury. After the water nymph Salmacis fell in love with him and was rejected, she asked the gods to join them forever in a single androgynous creature and her wish was granted. The story is recounted by Ovid in his “Metamorphoses”.

    Why would anyone except the most ignorant americans would consider “offensive” a word connected with such a beautiful story from ancient mythology is really beyond me. It is a completely irrelevant argument that the word has been used as a synonymous of “freak” in the english language; the same has happened for words like “gay” and “lesbian”. Should we abandon them as well?

    The term “intersex” sounds like a coach or train service to me, not a human being.

  • RainaWeather

    @gay super hero: Venus and Mercury are Roman. The Greeks are Hermes and Aphrodite.

  • gay super hero

    @ rainaweather

    Being greek and all I am aware of that. But if there are americans out there who are confused enough to believe that a term from ancient mythology might be “offensive”, my instinct was not to confuse them even more by bringing up the gods’ greek names.

  • Josh

    @genial: Mmmmm. Scotch. Invite me next time.

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