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All Of Connecticut’s Civil Unions Become Marriages On Friday

Connecticut’s “auto upgrade” law, signed by Gov. Jodi Rell last year, takes effect Friday (along with an anti-sexting law!), leaving behind the term “civil unions” and transforming all same-sex unions into full marriages. The only exceptions: Couples currently trying to divorce or annul their civil unions. Hang on tight!

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  • Zed

    Dear New England,

    I love you and your queer friendly tendencies.

    Love, Zed

  • Samwise

    “Auto upgrade,” LOL – love it!

    If I lived in Connecticut and had a civil union, I’d totally use this as an excuse to throw another party. ;-)


    Shocking! According to the dire predictions from the vast frightwing lunatics Connecticut should have spontaniously imploded in a massive fireball upon this development………

    Poor Maggot Gallagher she probably chocked on her hungryman hero this morning………………….. :p

  • Soupy

    This is why I call it “The United States of Hysteria”. A free vote in the Canadian Parliament and our supreme court made gay marriage legal and there has been no fallout. It hasn’t destroyed the concept of “traditional marriage”. Sometimes I think that instead of fluoride, they should put valium in the water supply of the States.

  • Luke

    @Soupy: Can we have Prozac instead?

  • Pitou

    @Zed: Dear Zed,
    We Love you too! In fact, we Love ALL Queers! Come out, come out, where ever you are! Move to CT! Come to CT to get Gay-married!!! We drive Hot Whips, live in damned nice houses, and have some really great school systems! Not to mention we’re some of the highest paid states in the country.
    Maine only lost because of Mormon cash thats currently under extreme scrutiny and NOM is refusing (after multiple judge orders) to fork over their donor lists.
    All of New England will have Gay Marriage before 2012. Watch.

    Thanks M. Jodi Rell for making CT THAT much better to live in! Too bad you’re out this year.. she’s been a good republican Gov. <3

  • Scot

    Does Hallmark make a card for that?

  • jb

    …where can i get the rainbow/conn tee shirt?

  • Lee

    Best Upgrade ever-Yes Connecticut is one of the best places to live in the US besides Las Vegas.

  • jb

    …a step toward equality for sure… now gay people must wait to acquire social security, pension, and health benefits and legitimacy across state lines ….

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