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All Of John McCain’s Pro-DADT Military Buddies Are Abandoning Him

First comes word the Navy’s Adm. Gary Roughead appears to be relaxing his explicit support for DADT. And now Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz, who Sen. John McCain would cite as a supporter of the law, is reportedly pleased with the Pentagon’s soon-to-be-unveiled report — something McCain has preemptively dissed. Man, it’s gonna be a tough time when all of McCain’s dead allies start reversing themselves too.

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  • Ray

    Good. McCain’s a sour, embittered old fool who needs to be shut down along with his tired and homophobic ideas.

  • dizzle

    Good. He will always be remembered as having zero morals and principles as he has changed his position on virtually EVERY position in modern politics.

    Time to hang it up, george wallace. Pack it in and pack it up.

  • Gary B.

    People love to complain about Obama, and I understand their complaining, but ladies and gentlemen, I present to you who COULD have been our President. God helps us all…

  • Dan

    Uhh…Cindy, now that McCain is left in cold…his old wrinkle hands are going to be even colder than it normally were. Enjoy :)

  • Michael W.

    @Gary B.: And there was something like 27% of gays who voted for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008 (probably more when you consider the closet cases). There wouldn’t be a chance in hell of DADT being repealed with a president McCain in office today. He wouldn’t have even initiated the study he prematurely refuted.

    And most of these rightwing GOProud clowns who voted for The Maverick now have nerve to complain how Obama isn’t doing enough for gay rights. Lmao. You self-hating losers forfeited the right to bitch when you voted for that crusty old limp dick bastard.

    How many of you stupid cowards went out earlier this month and voted for more Republican candidates who don’t want “your kind” around their children?

  • Derek

    @Gary B.: This is true; frightening, and true.

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