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All Of Your Glory Hole Questions (Un)answered By Alex Day

I have never been to a glory hole on business. I have seen a glory hole. Actually, more than one, in seedy bars, on a college campus, and once in the bathroom at an office park where I had an interview (for a temp job! an interview for a temp job!). And while I’ve seen many of these things used in porn films, it seems to me that glory holes hark (is that a word?) back to the day where gay men needed them to get their rocks off, because there was no Internet or Grindr or whatever. But I do love the idea that straight men are confused by them.

British vlogger Alex Day, who is straight, is best known for reading Twilight aloud and laughing at how utterly juvenile the writing is. (He’s also discussed queer comics and Lady Gaga and Beyonce.) But we have a whole new respect for him for taking seriously the politics of glory holes. Who goes first? Who leaves first? Do things get awkward afterward if you happen to know your fellatio friend?

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  • alejandro

    queerty finaly something awesome you’ve posted XD
    watched this yesterday jajaja
    love alex :D

  • OhYeah

    So much more intelligent, charming and natural than Davey Wavey and so many other gay bloggers.


    Last time a “straight” guy was interested in anonomus Gay sex in bathrooms, I remember something ’bout a “wide stance”, and the guy wasn’t too “straight”………

  • Kieran

    Someone should explain to Alex that most guys don’t sit on “the loo” to urinate.

  • fagburn

    Brilliant. Funny as!
    And really cute in two ways.

  • Jack

    Love you, Alex! :)

  • scott ny'er

    Loves him. Loves his accent. Charming chap.

    Brilliant banana at the end.

  • alan brickman

    Apples and Oranges Lads….Wavey Davey still has a better body….

  • JoeyB

    @alan brickman: Yeah, and you need a brain. This guy is the real thing. What is Davey Wavey but a fembot with manboobs?

  • StudSlut

    Oh, this dude looks like he must have a big uncut cock woof!


    @StudSlut: If ya eva been, they are all uncut over there………..

  • gregg

    His 11 part trip to NY where he meet gay vlogger Josh about 2 years ago is one of my fav things in youtube. They have such chemisty.

  • Jon (one of the other ones)

    Alex is quite an accomplished musician as well. I’ve always enjoyed his humor.

  • christopher di spirito

    Is Alex’s drag name, Gloria Hole?

  • WTF?

    He is freakin’ hot! I’d love to make him uncomfortable in a restroom. Wait… That didn’t sound as sexy as I had intended. Mmm..

  • Kieran

    How much you want to bet if Alex Day were openly gay so many of these posts would inevitably be criticizing or bitching about him for this reason or that. Yes sirree, gays sure do love them a “straight man”.

  • Pip

    This is not very funny. Its very like “ooo looook at meee. i’m sooo quirrrky!” Also, Charlieissocool is a lot hotter. Neither are worth watching, but there’s this video where Charlie does animal balloons and he basically jerks off with the air pump. Its only for like 2 seconds. If he just made a minute long video of him doing that though, and did stuff like that all the time, I’d prob subscribe.

  • Mike

    I love Alex. Hilarious and good guy. It’s an important question – and I don’t think I’d use a glory hole. This is a quality analysis. And I love the banana at the end.

  • Pip

    @Mike: Oh oh wait… I think I get this. The banana is there because bananas are like penises??!?? OMG he truly is a comedic genius!

  • nikko

    great guy! I second all the above affirming comments!! He’s cute, funny, and charming.

  • OnCloud9

    is he gay?

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