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All Of Your Glory Hole Questions (Un)answered By Alex Day

I have never been to a glory hole on business. I have seen a glory hole. Actually, more than one, in seedy bars, on a college campus, and once in the bathroom at an office park where I had an interview (for a temp job! an interview for a temp job!). And while I’ve seen many of these things used in porn films, it seems to me that glory holes hark (is that a word?) back to the day where gay men needed them to get their rocks off, because there was no Internet or Grindr or whatever. But I do love the idea that straight men are confused by them.

British vlogger Alex Day, who is straight, is best known for reading Twilight aloud and laughing at how utterly juvenile the writing is. (He’s also discussed queer comics and Lady Gaga and Beyonce.) But we have a whole new respect for him for taking seriously the politics of glory holes. Who goes first? Who leaves first? Do things get awkward afterward if you happen to know your fellatio friend?