All Sewn Up: Queerty’s Top 10 Moments In Project Runway History

Project Runway kicks off its tenth season on Thursday (not including the All-Stars edition). To get everyone in the mood for all the fashion, drama, tears and aufs, we’ve rounded up some of our fave moments from seasons past.

Click through for some of the best (and worst) moments in Project Runway history


Austin Scarlett’s corn-fed innovation. Is this the most beautiful dress constructed out of grocery store materials in history of the planet? Nope! Heck, it was practically wilted the morning before the show. But there was just something downright fascinating about watching Austin’s process happen, perhaps because it was one of the first times creativity unfolded so clearly on television.



Kara Saun’s shoe-tastrophy. I assume this type of “oversight” happens on show’s first season? Either way, Jay described it rather appropriately, “Finally! Something happens to Miss Fucking Perfect!”


Santino Rice’s impression of Tim Gunn. If I hear another mediocre impersonation of Tim’s “make it work” or “carry on,” I just might stab someone with some bejeweled scissors. But Santino’s ridiculous fantasy of date between Andre and Tim at Red Lobster? That will always hold its hilarity.


Let there be fierce! Season 4 had a fierce balance of fiercely competitive contestants, especially the uber-fierce Christian Siriano, who exuded fierce tranny realness with every look he crafted. His fiercely-fierce-fierce was visible from fierce. Fierce? Fierce!


Tim’s bad decisions. Emotions for this episode had already reached crazytown: Jack left for medical reasons (he’s doing great now!) and the fabulous Chris March had made his return. So when Tim Gunn gave Chris advice on how to design a look for the inevitable all-nighter, the line, “I’ve made more bad decisions at three o’clock in the morning than I can list” sent everyone into a fit of ridiculous laughter.


WWE WTF?!? PR judges are supposed to be superhuman fashion avatars that show no emotion while their brains silently evaluate runway looks. Unless that look happens to be orange-and-gold spandex worn by a crotch-thrusting lady wrestler. When that happens, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia lose it. They lose it hard.


Home again. Remember Season 6, that terrible train wreck when Lifetime shipped everyone out to L.A.? Yeah, neither do I. The workroom was probably at DeVry Technical Institute, and the winner probably said, “I’m not here to make friends.”

Regardless, the first episode of Season 7 is a cherished moment because we finally returned to the Big Apple.


Precious Peach. “People aren’t moments, Jason!” I don’t care, anonymous Internet commenter! Peach was a delight. Your classic in-over-her-head type who, when asked how long a skirt should be, responded with, “Not so short as to show the good china.” Best of all, after she was eliminated, the Illinois mom wasn’t bitter: She told the safe contestant, Michael Drummond, to go off into the world and make something pretty.

Heart you, Peach. Heart you forever.


Mondo comes out. I almost cried four times during this episode. It started when the producers flew in the contestants’ family members for a tearful reunion, and it concluded when Mondo Guerra spoke honestly about being HIV-positive. For a show that can feel formulaic, this moment was truly moving.

If you’re curious about what Mondo’s up to now, in addition to helping select contestants for Season 10, he’s heading up Project I Design, a campaign geared toward helping people living with HIV to work with their doctors to tailor the ideal treatment plan.


Anya’s financial fumble.
For all of Season 9, I was waiting for a secret BFA that proved Anya had been sewing for more than just a few months. That never happened. But remember when she lost all of her money at Mood and had to throw together an outfit with eleven dollars? Yeah, I’ve spent more than that on lunch. She even—sorry, I’ve come this far without using it—made it work and won the challenge.



Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer for Queerty. And yes, he’s using this byline to squeeze in an eleventh moment with Daniel V.

Photo credits: Barbara Nitke and Lifetime.