All Sewn Up: Queerty’s Top 10 Moments In Project Runway History

Project Runway kicks off its tenth season on Thursday (not including the All-Stars edition). To get everyone in the mood for all the fashion, drama, tears and aufs, we’ve rounded up some of our fave moments from seasons past.

Click through for some of the best (and worst) moments in Project Runway history


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  • cam

    Some good ones there, but I want to add two more.

    Morganza, the nutcase model Mogan Quinn from Season One that was either ruining outfits by wearing them out, or having a break down and yet people kept fighting over her because of her walk.

    “It’s a Mutha-Fucking Walk Off” Season 2 when Zulima was down to the last two models and made them have a walk off before deciding which model got bounced.

  • ChristopherM

    How you could leave off the motherfucking walk-off is beyond me.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    What about Kenley Cross and her “I wasn’t going for elegance, Heidi” moment?

  • jo

    Jo is happy they are putting Jason on more things. Love project runway. Yay. Phf.

  • TonyT

    And don’t forget Guadalupe high off her rocker…

  • William Turner

    Jason, you’re exactly what this website needs. Please plot the violent overthrow of the Queerty establishment and set yourself up as Supreme Queerty Leader. Thx!

  • Roxorz

    Zulima to Kara in a partner challenge,” you can cry but you need to cut too… You need to cut at the same rate you cry.”

  • Call

    Mondo you’re my hero.

  • Will G

    My absolute favorite moment was when Jerrell Scott went OFF on Kenley just before Bryant Park. “Leanne, Korto, and Jerrell. In the TENTS!” He threw all kinds of shade at her that day and was unapologetic for it.

    Also, the time that Tim Gunn told the designer, “You have to go out there and say, Yes, Nina, I wanted her to look like she had a big, fat ass.”

    Too many moments to count, really.

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