Hate, the Brand

All That Carrie Prejean Gained From the Gays

Miss USA

Carrie Prejean learned she was being fired as Miss California when Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush (who hosted the Miss USA pageant) read the news on TMZ.com and promptly called her for a reaction. He’s been tweeting about breaking the news to her since! Just like in the weeks of attacks that followed, the sore loser continues insisting she’s being targeting for her stance on same-sex marriage. Which, to be fair, is probably true: Had she come out in support of it, we would be celebrating this girl. Instead she made us throw her in the “Hater” category, and now look what we’ve done to her!

Actually, what we’ve done to her is guarantee the girl a book deal, television show offers, and a few well-paid speaking gigs. So … YOU’RE WELCOME!