Hate, the Brand

All That Carrie Prejean Gained From the Gays

Miss USA

Carrie Prejean learned she was being fired as Miss California when Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush (who hosted the Miss USA pageant) read the news on TMZ.com and promptly called her for a reaction. He’s been tweeting about breaking the news to her since! Just like in the weeks of attacks that followed, the sore loser continues insisting she’s being targeting for her stance on same-sex marriage. Which, to be fair, is probably true: Had she come out in support of it, we would be celebrating this girl. Instead she made us throw her in the “Hater” category, and now look what we’ve done to her!

Actually, what we’ve done to her is guarantee the girl a book deal, television show offers, and a few well-paid speaking gigs. So … YOU’RE WELCOME!

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  • Thom Freeheart

    With her views on gay marriage, she might even become a Democrat and President.

  • dgz

    @Thom Freeheart:
    the best she’ll ever do is first lady; she makes even Palin look like a genius.

  • hyhybt

    @dgz: Great, now I can’t get rid of the idea of Palin as President and Prejean as First Lady… what a couple they’d make :)

  • Synnerman

    Oh Thom, I take it you never had to deal with a constituency of 280 million before.

  • Alexandre

    “Actually, what we’ve done to her is guarantee the girl a book deal, television show offers, and a few well-paid speaking gigs. So … YOU’RE WELCOME!”

    Seriously…she’ll (unfortunately) be fine in terms of staying in the spotlight and earning money. However, ignorance and hate always lose in the end, so by continuing her hate campaign, she’ll just be digging herself into a deeper hole.

  • Alex

    “a book deal, television show offers, and a few well-paid gigs”

    Maybe for a few months. Does anyone remember Joe the Plumber? No one bought his book, and the only way he can get into the news these days is by making homophobic comments. She’s already done that, and frankly, I think even Mag G and her “nom nom nom” crew will drop her in six. By this time next year she’ll either be selling Amway products or on her knees earning her pay as Michael Savage’s “personal assistant.” But I’ve been known to be massively wrong about my news predictions.

  • a. mcewen

    You forgot the attention from her “reconciliation tour” when she declares that she was “used” by the religious right.

  • Jim

    Fox News host Neil Cavuto asked Farrell, who is Christian, on his show today:

    “[Prejean] went out and said that a marriage is between a man and a woman. Do you share that view?”

    Farrell responded in the affirmative with a simple, “Uh huh.”

  • hephaestion

    Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has been given her own TV show on the Big Hair Bigots Network, which was to start today. Unfortunately, they had to postpone today’s show because her first guest, James von Brunn, could not make it to the Big Hair Bigot studios for the interview.

    She has announced plans to initiate a Big Burqa Bigot Network in Afghanistan, since she heard that overprivileged, spiteful, spoiled, lazy, dumb blonde bimbos are popular there.

  • hephaestion

    @Alex: Prejean won’t have to give Michael Savage blow jobs. He is a closet case. Didn’t you hear about his love letters to Allen Ginsberg? No joking. Real.

  • rroggow

    Hate? What or who did Miss California hate? She simply stated her view. Just because her view isn’t the same as the gay community doesn’t mean she is a hater. Where is the tolerance that gays talk about? It appears that hypocracy is part gay!

  • BrianZ

    @rroggow: That is sort of like arguing that blacks should have tolerance for racists. How absolutely rediculous!

  • Ally

    yeah…you can’t except people to be tolerant of views that oppress them. That would be like telling women they should be tolerate of their inability to vote. It’s they same thing. People shouldn’t think they have the right to an opinion that is ignorant, hurtful and unconstitutional. Just because a lot of people cling to an idea doesn’t make it right. Look at slavery. If she has to believe it she should at least keep it to herself.

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