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All The Annoying Crap Gays Post on Facebook Now Has Its Own Website


QUEERTY APPROVED — When we first spotted the blog STFU, Marrieds, we were pleased to see a sardonic take on the annoying lives of married folks, who all too often are heterosexual, because the law made it that way. The site was a chance to expose knot-tying breeders for the obnoxious over-sharing flock that they are, taking to Facebook and MySpace to gush over their relationships. And then came something even better: STFU, Gays.

While married couples spew useless trivia about their engagement rings and undying love, STFU, Gays exposes a world obsessed with fashion, fat, and fitness.

What do blogs like these represent? That all stereotypes are rooted in truth. And they’re hysterical.

A few of our favorites follow.

(Thanks, Clint!)

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  • Carver

    What I need is STFU Parents and STFU Crazy Christians. I don’t want to read about your kid learning to ‘pee pee’ or how much you love Jesus.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Thank god I start school next week and will not have time to surf junk stories like this.

  • Eric Grant

    What you fail to realize is that David is an extremely intelligent individual. I’m assuming you don’t know who he is or what he does.

  • Zack

    Seriously? You love this when the description of the site is this? “Sometimes there’s a gay man on your Facebook and he is just being TOO GAY. Please. Stop being so gay. We love you without you needing to feel like you gotta be all gay up in our faces.”

    Isn’t that kind of like telling someone you don’t mind gay people as long as they don’t “flaunt” it?

    Oh, but I can see why you’d at least appreciate the satire, when presented with such insightful, biting commentary.

    “Sometimes gays will talk about being gay to other gays just to prove that they’re gay.”

    GAYS. Stop using the word GAY ever in your Facebook because you are GAY and that’s TOO GAY. If I have to read the word GAY one more time I’m going to FREAK OUT and POST IT ON MY BLOG and then search around for other instances of people using the word GAY.

  • Zack

    @Eric Grant: Well then, that changes everything! Thanks, Eric, for that. Guys, never mind. We didn’t realize David is “extremely intelligent,” or “who he is or what he does.”

  • Allan C

    @Zack: LOL! I love that being “extremely intelligent” in one area justifies being a dumbass in another.

  • David

    In what way is the author of STFUGay any less awful, judgmental and shallow than “David Latt” and other people he mock?

    As for being “too gay”, too stereotypical . . .

    its hard to get any more stereotypical than being a bitter, self-hating, vicious tired queen of spite.

  • Alexa

    I hate shit like this more than I hate the vapid facebook posts. Who made him the arbiter of taste and how gay someone is allowed to be?

  • DeAnimator

    Most people on fb are vapid, judgmental pricks. Blah. That’s why I deleted my acct. Plus, shit like this just seriously makes me wish there were Stupid Police who could haul idiots like this away and dispose of them by firing squad in a field somewhere.

  • Andrew W

    If these are the funniest examples you could find, this can’t be a very funny site.

  • gaywad

    I see you’ve unnecessarily split the article into multiple pages. Artificially upping page hits FTL.

  • gaywad

    whoops, not looking at the entire thing first FTL

  • The STFU Gay Man

    Queerty, this is why you will always and forever rock. Thank you for the feature. We are quite pleased that you approve. We are deeply flattered.

  • Kevin B

    Congrats Queerty on showing a sense of humor for once.

  • thack

    Yes, let’s attack our own. Our world consists of people that discrimintate against us. But, let’s ignore the fact that not all the homosexuals are butch. But, by all means, let’s make fun of gay guys that are free & open enough to be themselves. After all, the only “appropriate” faggots are the ones that are buff, muscular, and str-8 acting enough to be the “Morning Goods”.

    Thank GOD I don’t run this website. I’d be so ashamed if I had to own up to what I see here.

  • Travis

    @thack: I have to defend the website here, and point out that if you read what he says and what he chooses to post on his blog, he really is not making fun of guys who happen to exhibit typically gay characteristics. The point of the blog is more to poke fun at judgmental, vacuous, catty, over-sexualized gay men and the ridiculous things they decide to post on Facebook. It has nothing to do with their mannerisms.

  • rtf

    @Allan C: Its kind of like Bill Maher said the other night. How is it that some of the most brilliant minds in science are also so religious?

  • Lloyd Baltazar

    This is much better than your Madonna-bashing articles.

    Good job. If only you can do more like this.

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