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All The Annoying Crap Gays Post on Facebook Now Has Its Own Website


QUEERTY APPROVED — When we first spotted the blog STFU, Marrieds, we were pleased to see a sardonic take on the annoying lives of married folks, who all too often are heterosexual, because the law made it that way. The site was a chance to expose knot-tying breeders for the obnoxious over-sharing flock that they are, taking to Facebook and MySpace to gush over their relationships. And then came something even better: STFU, Gays.

While married couples spew useless trivia about their engagement rings and undying love, STFU, Gays exposes a world obsessed with fashion, fat, and fitness.

What do blogs like these represent? That all stereotypes are rooted in truth. And they’re hysterical.

A few of our favorites follow.

(Thanks, Clint!)