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All The Drama Of The Rhode Island Senate’s Same-Sex Marriage Hearings

In an experiment to see how many human bodies could actually fit inside the Capitol Building, Rhode Island’s Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing last night on same-sex marriage, which the House did last month. And hundreds of people showed up! Like a Robyn concert on the Lower East Side, this thing was standing room only, and it had your usual health mix of supporters and detractors, the latter group affiliated with religious denominations that were bused in. But the night’s big win goes to Rep. Frank Ferri, an openly gay Democrat and supporter of the same-sex marriage bill, who addressed a man sitting nearby and holding a “”Keep Marriage Holy” sign. “Why do you care who I love?” Ferri said to him. “Shame on you. Shame on you that your God is the God that’s right and mine isn’t. Shame on you for thinking you’re more perfect than I am.”