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All The Drama Of The Rhode Island Senate’s Same-Sex Marriage Hearings

In an experiment to see how many human bodies could actually fit inside the Capitol Building, Rhode Island’s Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing last night on same-sex marriage, which the House did last month. And hundreds of people showed up! Like a Robyn concert on the Lower East Side, this thing was standing room only, and it had your usual health mix of supporters and detractors, the latter group affiliated with religious denominations that were bused in. But the night’s big win goes to Rep. Frank Ferri, an openly gay Democrat and supporter of the same-sex marriage bill, who addressed a man sitting nearby and holding a “”Keep Marriage Holy” sign. “Why do you care who I love?” Ferri said to him. “Shame on you. Shame on you that your God is the God that’s right and mine isn’t. Shame on you for thinking you’re more perfect than I am.”

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  • mco

    See… it’s mostly latinos who are against same-sex marriage. And now that they’re the largest minority in California, well… you know how that’s going to go.

  • TheRealAdam

    This is so unbelievably sad.

  • Chris M.

    Why aren’t these GOOD (…for nothing…) religious freaks mind their own business and their own marriages?!?!?! Don’t they have homeless people to feed?? aren’t there children dying in hospitals that would love their encouragement and support? leave the gays alone, because we aren’t going away! except by death, and even then they aren’t allowing us to die with dignity! their unjust laws are harming our families even in the afterlife, because when we die and go away they erase us from our partners’ lives as if they have the right! this is our country too! god it kills me…..

  • Kyle L.

    And people wonder why our community is against illegal immigration? I’m a democrat but one thing I will NEVER, EVER, EVER support from my party is it’s pandering to Latinos. A demographic that is so filled with hate toward us that we need to open our eyes and realize that just because you’re liberal does not entitle you to believe al liberal agendas. Illegal immigration is something no person part of our community should EVER support because you can expect our rights to completely be stalled for far longer. That’s a fact, politically correct or not.

    And I suggest this group of people spend more time solving their out of wedlock pregnancies (the bevy of them) and high rates of violence and prisoners in jail system before dictating morality for others.

  • SteveATL

    @Kyle L.: Well said and true, even if not PC. I’m biracial but I know what we’re up against when it comes to this heavily religious, and rather uneducated demographic who comes into this country by the droves, often illegally, and demands we change our customs and thinking to appease their outdated mentality and extreme radical religious ideology. Not to mention, racism is rampant in this demographic as well. This is a group of folks with a chip on their shoulder, who bring nothing but the most negative traits of their culture here, homophobia being one of them.

  • IonMusic

    @Chris M.: the better question to ask is don’t they have gang members from their families to get off the streets? drug cartels in their home countries to speak against? …The English language to learn? Try living in California. they expect you to not only speak their language but change your way of life, including who you want to love, just for them, when they themselves have some of the rudest- most foul attitudes ever. agree 100% with being a democrat who is totally against illegal immigration and even when it comes to legal immigration, learn the language and respect the culture or go back home. period.

  • Dynex

    Half these protestors won’t graduate high school or even get their GED, so truth be told, we really don’t have much to worry about them making much of a difference while flipping our burgers for us.

  • TheRealAdam

    @SteveATL: They’re racist toward whom, exactly?

    And I’m guessing this isn’t about all Latinos. I think what you all are really talking about, are Mexicans.

  • Michelle

    who wants to bet this very same crowd was protesting the Arizona immigration laws? Minority groups who can’t see humanity and civility past their own groups rights are truly the definition of evil and bigotry. I agree wholeheartedly with the notion of “move to U.S? get used to U.S policy changes” keep your brand of cultural identity back at home when it relates to hate.

  • LAC

    Michelle : Of course this crowd was protesting the Arizona thing. With a bunch of self-hating gays protesting right along with them. (No offense to my cool non-homophobic Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters).

  • Shannon1981

    Count me in as a Democrat who wants tougher immigration laws, and this is why. Sure, you can’t tar them all with one brush, but homophobia is a huge part of Latino culture.

  • d.c

    I’m gonna go ahead and agree with the majority of comments here. it’s perfectly fine to draw a conclusion based on your personal experiences, and based on my many experiences with notably Mexicans- it’s the sense of entitlement and over inflated sense of pride that is irritating and yes, somewhat prejudice. I’ve gone for job interviews I’ve been extremely qualified for and point blank was told that because I don’t speak Spanish and don’t have experiencing interacting with Mexican Americans I would not be qualified. beyond that, costumer service is deplorable when interacting with someoneof their background. of course this is not in all cases, but if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve either been called the N word or the F word in Spanish…

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