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All The Dudes John Travolta Had Sex With At The Spa, Or Watched Him Get Off, Are Coming Forward?

If John Travolta really is exploring the depths of this “secret gay spa subculture” I have yet to personally experience (outside the confines of a 24 Hour Fitness), might the Scientologist have more than one same-sex fling to worry about?

Citing Robert Randolph’s new book You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, The National Enquirer claimed this month Travolta and porn star Paul Barresi had relations, and that Travolta had many more skeletons in his gay closet. (And let’s not forget that obvious blind item.)

Now the tabloid follows up on its own story, claiming:

John Travolta’s gay cheating scandal has sparked a new uproar – and pals fear it may send his pregnant wife Kelly Preston into premature labor! The author of a new books about gay culture in Hollywood has made new allegations – among them, that John Travolta has had affairs with SIX MORE MEN.

With Kelly due to give birth in November, the turmoil has turned her into a bundle of nerves, sources say: “This must be hell for Kelly, especially in her condition,” says a family friend. “She’s trying to carry on with grace and make it to her due date. All Kelly wants is a healthy baby. I think this whole sordid mess is emotionally devastating to her. The last think Kelly needs is to go into premature labor over John’s supposed flings with other men.”

Ever since author Robert Randolph revealed that he witnessed Travolta regularly engaging in gay sex in LA steam rooms, Randolph says he’s been inundated with emails from other men who claim to have been sexually intimate with Travolta.

“I have no doubt that John Travolta is a sex addict. I’ve heard from many men who have either had gay sex with John or saw him having gay sex in health spas, steam rooms, locker rooms, you name it,” says Randolph. “I’ve gotten so many emails that I’m writing a second book titles ‘Tracking Travolta’ and I’ve got plenty of material.”

He says he believes that eventually as many as 50 men may come forward.

So maybe this really is going to blow up wider than Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal? If only Travolta belonged to a secretive cult trained in the dark act of silencing people who make wanton lurid claims against its members.

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  • peteNsfo

    This all seems so speculative…

    And, aren’t we feeding into some homophobia with all these exaggerated comments? “Kelly would be devastated and will go into labor early!!!”

    Seriously, WTF?

    So the guy has sex; sometimes inappropriately, outside of his relationship… Sound familiar? That’s like most of San Francisco.

    It’d be one thing if he were a vocal-homophobe, but Scientology aside, isn’t he just a guy who happens to be a celebrity?

    We all love a ‘fall from grace’ but give me something substantial, not just innuendo & speculation.


    What is utterly telling is there has been nary a peep of denial from the Travolta camp…………

  • Cam

    Oh Please, with the way Scientology works here is probably what happened. They have kept his secret for decades, he recently probably said or did something that made them think he might leave the church, so they leaked out a small story to scare him back into the fold. Unfortunatly for them, in the age of the internet, the small story probably got away from them and is blowing up and there is nothing they can do to clamp down on it.

    As for Kelly Preston, come on, she knew.

  • Michael

    Could Queerty please hire a Proof Reader? Would give you a bit more credibility.

  • billygfa

    You know, if he was a conservative politician spewing hate to gay people, I’d go for this. But he’s NOT. Why can’t we just leave him alone until HE is ready. I don’t understand the need to make the world gay or out the world. Get over it and deal with your own life!

  • Qjersey

    Scientologists are like evangelicals. As long as you claim you are trying to control the “gay” you can stick around.

    The rumors about JT getting involved with Scientology to cure him of the “gay” are more than 20 years old.

    BTW, isn’t Kelly supposedly the one from a “blind item” that is faking her pregnancy because they rented another woman’s womb?

  • the crustybastard


    You do realize they’re reprinting gossip taken from various scandalrags, surrounded by various photos of crotch-shots and nearly-nude models?

    I should think, in fairness, Queerty’s “credibility problem” cannot be laid entirely upon spotty proofreading.

  • randy

    Billy: Sure, we don’t need to out every celebrity. But in this case, Scientology believes it can cure gays. Michael Jackson was a member too. So yes, it’s news. But I agree it isn’t of earth shaking importance.

    The price that celebrities pay for their fame and fortune is an open door policy on their lives. If they don’t like it, then they can simply retire to a farm in Nebraska and live like the rest of us. But they don’t — they still want all the glamour, perks, parties, red carpets.

    Perhaps it isn’t fair (although I think it’s a fair trade-off when that much money and fame are involved). But it also isn’t fair when young gay kids are bullied, and made to feel suicidal because they think being gay is wrong, immoral, anti-God and whatever. So whenever a celebrity is outed, it sends a message that there are gay people out there, and you can live a life.

  • ganymeade

    OK! on this one I am am giving my $0.02. When I lived in WeHo, I knew the guy he was actually dating; it was pre Kelly P. Everyone I hung out with knew. There are others that would surprise most of America but not anyone in the gay world of LA.

    This is like a big OPEN secret. Scientology is uber homophobic and even sinister so I say fair game. Kelly knows; they married right after someone came forward and it hit the bloids.

  • James Davis

    @the crustybastard: Actually The National Enquirer has been sued so many times they have become one of the best publications at vetting their stories. Hello they broke the John Edwards story. So while it may seem easy to dismiss items they report, I wouldn’t. While they might be sleazy there is no denying they’ve become better investigative journalists than most publications out there.

  • Drake

    Why is Queerty picking on Travolta? Is it any surprise that a (formerly) very sexy guy had lots of sex? After all, in Italian, his last name means “high voltage”. He certainly sounds like he was super charged.

    Picking on Scientology is one thing, but picking on Travolta is not too nice. Don’t you think that America is full of tens of millions of people who have had sex with at least 50 people by the time they are his age? From his age group, if he fooled around lots, he is simply lucky that he did not get AIDS.

    I think that it is pretty slimey of people to try to make lots of money gossiping about someone else’s sex life, unless that other person is out actively working against gays, and I do not believe that Travolta has ever trashed gays.

  • Michael

    I’m sure stories will surface soon about Travolta wanting to leave Scientoloy for Eddie Long’s New Birth thing. After all, they are both big time celebrities, into fitness, about the same age, etc. Yep, this will be the story to chase.

  • mike

    I let John suck me off about a year ago. The man knows how to chew on a bone!

  • Hilarious

    There are gay actors who pretend to be straight in public to further their careers?


  • Marcus


    They’re too smart to deny. Just like Daniel Craig’s trip to the gay bar in Venice earlier this year. His publicist couldn’t say a thing.

    @Drake: He’s trashed gays by being involved with that “religion” he gives MILLIONS of his own money too. He doesn’t have to say a word about us–his actions speak louder. Tom Cruise, too.

  • Enron

    @randy: Michael Jackson was never a member, Lisa Marie wanted him to join, but the Scientology folks found him to be a tough nut to crack. I assume Michael’s Jehovah Witness beliefs or the fact that his mother would probably be devastated kept him from committing to it.

  • Mark

    Color me jaded but I believe that Kelly Preston/Travolta is in on the whole thing and that the pregnacy belly – which is a prothetic – like his hair pieces – are just a distraction from this other story. Yes – there will be a healthy baby and Kelly will be back to shape in 2 months and on many a fitness magazine telling all her secrets. It will distract from this story. Both win. Nothing changes. Welcome to Hollyweird. NEXT.

    If I am wrong I will post an apology to the Preston/Travolta’s but while it is not important to me – Scientoligists – like Mormons from where I sprang – are not BENIGN!

  • David

    Who would fawk this bloated, wig wearin’, pasty, sceintolo-weirdo, cult loon?

  • innocent observer

    There was a time when Paul Barresi made a recant of his claims ot have had sex with Travolta. Barresi further apologized publically for making such claims. Barresi however makes up a lot of stories and changes them for convenience sake.

  • miscadverts

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Travolta’s lawyer has actually made denials. And there will no doubt be more made when they file their response with the court. When one is being sued it is not the best idea to run to the media every five minutes to make statements, that is the normal procedure when court cases are pending.

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