secret spa subculture

All The Dudes John Travolta Had Sex With At The Spa, Or Watched Him Get Off, Are Coming Forward?

If John Travolta really is exploring the depths of this “secret gay spa subculture” I have yet to personally experience (outside the confines of a 24 Hour Fitness), might the Scientologist have more than one same-sex fling to worry about?

Citing Robert Randolph’s new book You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, The National Enquirer claimed this month Travolta and porn star Paul Barresi had relations, and that Travolta had many more skeletons in his gay closet. (And let’s not forget that obvious blind item.)

Now the tabloid follows up on its own story, claiming:

John Travolta’s gay cheating scandal has sparked a new uproar – and pals fear it may send his pregnant wife Kelly Preston into premature labor! The author of a new books about gay culture in Hollywood has made new allegations – among them, that John Travolta has had affairs with SIX MORE MEN.

With Kelly due to give birth in November, the turmoil has turned her into a bundle of nerves, sources say: “This must be hell for Kelly, especially in her condition,” says a family friend. “She’s trying to carry on with grace and make it to her due date. All Kelly wants is a healthy baby. I think this whole sordid mess is emotionally devastating to her. The last think Kelly needs is to go into premature labor over John’s supposed flings with other men.”

Ever since author Robert Randolph revealed that he witnessed Travolta regularly engaging in gay sex in LA steam rooms, Randolph says he’s been inundated with emails from other men who claim to have been sexually intimate with Travolta.

“I have no doubt that John Travolta is a sex addict. I’ve heard from many men who have either had gay sex with John or saw him having gay sex in health spas, steam rooms, locker rooms, you name it,” says Randolph. “I’ve gotten so many emails that I’m writing a second book titles ‘Tracking Travolta’ and I’ve got plenty of material.”

He says he believes that eventually as many as 50 men may come forward.

So maybe this really is going to blow up wider than Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal? If only Travolta belonged to a secretive cult trained in the dark act of silencing people who make wanton lurid claims against its members.