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All Your Queerty Questions Answered

tom-fordEarlier this week, we opened the lines and asked you, our loyal readers, what your most burning questions for the Queerty team were. You came up with 42 (which is an answer in itself, as Douglas Adams fans know), but we’re just going to answer the most asked/ interesting ones.

Ready for some navel-gazing self-absorbed fun? Here we go!

How many people are actually employed with Queerty?

Take a look at the masthead and you’ll have the answer. For the lazy, on the editorial side, we have three people. Our site founder and Jossip-guru David Hauslaib is our fearless leader, Cord Jefferson is our Managing Editor and then there’s yours truly, your editor, Japhy Grant.

How many do actual reporting?

For 99.9% of the site, the answer is one, which would be me. For long-time Queerty readers, you’ll notice that while the site has continued to do its daily digest of the latest gay news you need to know, we have also introduced our own original reporting. I generate about four original stories a day. Up until a month ago, I was also doing all the blogging as well, but the reality is, doing 20 blog posts, plus four 700-1200 word features a day was a quick route to the funny farm, so now I focus on original content.

How much original reporting goes into articles beyond a quick surf of the intertubes?

That’s really a case by case question. Some of our stories require a lot of reporting– be it going to events, conducting interviews or plain old research. A lot of the Prop. 8 stories we did earlier this year required intensive reporting.

There’s no such thing as a “definitive story” here. News constantly evolves and changes and many times we’ll start off with a smaller item and then will develop it as I learn more about it from sources, which is not unlike any other regular news agency, except that it’s a one-man show. If it seems like we’re blurring the lines between blogging and more traditional news, you’re right– and it’s absolutely intentional. For the most part, I try to walk a fine line between writing a ‘just the facts story’, ‘analysis story’ and opinion piece. It’s still the Wild West out there for online media and that’s part of the fun.

Does anyone there use a phone for interviews, or is it all e-mail?

I think I’ve done two interviews by email the entire time I’ve been here and they were both within the first two weeks. The problem with email interviews is that they are boring as hell. There’s no chance for follow-up, you miss out on random thoughts and asides that could lead to interesting places and while it would be time-saving to just copy and paste stories, the result is dull, dull, dull.

When and why did this beef with Michael Lucas start?

lucas500 What beef with Michael Lucas? We interviewed him when he got married in California earlier this year and we chat back and forth now and then. Also, come on– it’s Michael Lucas! The guy could give Madonna a run for stirring up controversy.

Just because someone is newsworthy or says something inopportune doesn’t mean we hate them. That goes for our ‘beef’ with Regent Media as well. They’re the Comcast of the gay world and scrutinizing what they do is healthy for everyone.

The only person I’d say we have a beef with is L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center CEO Lori Jean, whose refused to be interviewed by us via her press rep several times, because she doesn’t think she’d get a “fair shake” since we’ve been critical of her in the past. It’s pretty weak sauce, if you ask us. We’ve interviewed plenty of Prop. 8 leaders– and in the end, what we try to do is facilitate conversations between gay community leaders and well, the gay community.

What’s with this new lame ass format? Why are their no thumbnails? Are you planning to take reader’s complaints about the redesign into account rather than just arrogantly discounting them and sending them to the “classic” site? God, I hate the new format, it sucks, etc…

For starters, I have nothing to do with the site’s format. My purview is purely content. That said, as anyone who’s been here knows, the format continues to evolve over time and we do read what you guys say about the site and I know for a fact that we’ve implemented many of your suggestions.

Remember, the number of people who comment on the site vs. the number who actually visit is a huge difference and we have to look out for the folks who don’t comment as well. Our redesigns have increased unique visitor traffic quite a bit, which is the best indication we have that we’re doing something right.

Where’s the music and art?!?!!?

Well, for a while now, Thursdays have been our unofficial arts day here (which we just made official this week), but if you want more arts coverage, I’m more than happy to give it to you. It’s been a very news dominated few months here, which is part of the reason why you haven’t seen as much coverage, but we have stuff planned down the line that you should enjoy. I love story tips, too.

Where is all the international news? You know, the stuff that makes you guys sound like well-rounded (and aware) people rather than self-absorbed assholes?

I think we do pretty good coverage of international issues (our story on LGBT Iraqi’s this week for example, was picked up two days later by The New York Times), but this site definitely has a U.S. viewpoint. That said, we picked up on the Sengalese gay men being jailed story about a week before anyone else in the U.S.

Would it be impossible to have some female Morning Goods once in a while?

sexy_cowgirls_jpgWe can give it a try. Our sense is that it’s pretty easy to find hot ladies on the Internet, less so for the guys. If you have a suggestion, send it to us. Until then, here are some sexy cowgirls to tide you over.

Who picks the Morning Goods? And if it’s solely Japhy then what’s his favorite body type?

Yup, Morning Goods is my responsibility. My favorite body type is pretty varied. If anything, I have a thing for short guys. I was pretty glued to all the men’s gymnastics events during the Olympics. I suppose the thing most MG Monkeys would find surprising is that I’m not very into twinks. My ideal guy would probably be a short lumberjack with a five o’clock shadow and a devil grin. Spread the word around.

Why is it so hard for Queerty to feature more than a handful of black men in a years worth of morning goods?? The same question goes for asians, and “non white” latinos as well. Btw, despite the fantasy, Brazil is not a suburb of Germany.

I think I’ve explained this before. We don’t have our own art department here, so we have to choose from what’s out there– and when it comes to the world of male models, there’s a certain type that seems to dominate. It’s certainly not out of personal preference– my goal with Morning Goods is to pick as many different varieties of guys as possible. Here’s where you can help. See a guy that’s smoking hot and great MG material? Let me know.

Why does Queerty stoke the flames of gay racism, by constantly scapegoating black people (all over the world) as the cause of all gay oppression? Despite the rhetoric on site, homophobia is not particular to any ethnic group more than others.

Well, I disagree with the premise of your question. We were one of the first sites to debunk the ‘Blacks were the reason Prop. 8 passed” myth with our interview with Nate Silver, we wrote about how Coretta Scott King was a gay civil rights supporter, we’ve reached out to African-American bloggers, we’ve asked outright if the gay community is racist. I think it would be far worse for us to simply ignore the issues that people are talking about.

Why is Japhy so full-of-himself? Especially after the bad redesign?

picture-21Ouch. Again, the redesign is not a Japhy Grant joint– and for good reason, if you look at my own website, you’ll see I have no business designing websites– but I hate to think I come off as ‘full of myself’. Most writers are starved for feedback, but one of the great things about Queerty is that I get tons of it. Collectively, you folks are smarter than I ever will be and I make no pretense in thinking otherwise.

Still, you have to develop a little bit of a shell if you’re going to get called names by anonymous people now and then. When I first started, it really bothered me. I was convinced everyone hated me, but my attitude is that if we keep producing great content, folks will come around. Some of you have and I really appreciate the kind words. For the haters, I’m always open to suggestions on how we can do a better job.

How much does Queerty love Sufjan Stevens? Is he considered a gay idol, or just another ambiguous, ambivalent, heartthrob?

Queerty loves Sufjan Steven a lot (going back to my preferred type– Sufjan Stevens is it). We would love him a lot more if he stopped dicking around and released more albums, but overall, he’s pretty awesome.

What can I say? We have a thing for guys who pen songs with ridiculously long titles that are played on the banjo. It’s a legitimate fetish! I’ve noticed in the comments that some people think he’s closeted because he’s religious, but he’s Episcopalian guys, a faith that’s pretty welcoming to the gays. We don’t know which team he pitches for, but yeah, pretty dreamy.

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  • LD

    You R-O-C-K, Japhy!

  • scott ny'er (formely scott)

    well that was interesting. Thanks.

    now, i just want to know who actually DID create and approved of the redesign. Because it sucks. I almost always go to classic unless by accident. And I never click on morning goods now because it’s all about impressions.

    i’m too stubborn. I think others just give in, hence the increased unique visitors.

  • BeautifulMnd

    I dont think you are full of yourself Japhy! Think you’re doing a great job!

  • gurlene

    I think your redesign of the site is absolutely wonderful and a breath of fresh air. Now you do not have to sit back and click and click to see what articles you have missed. I wish other blogs would follow your lead.

  • will

    I guess I don’t ever comment about the redesign. Loyal visitor, at least daily, don’t really like it. Still come though and click on the “classic queerty” link.. good enough for me..

  • VegasTeaRoom

    Queerty now looks like that crazy, and defunct Gawker site, Sploid.

    Do you really think everyone has a 36″ screen?

  • Forrest

    I will always love Queerty because of the great info which is more important to me than design. The new version is a little too “busy” for me.

    And this site to me gives off a friendlier and less bitchy vibe than Towleroad. They do a good job as well but I feel like I need to live in Chelsea and spend all summer on Fire Island when I skim that site. Their “cool kids” or “A Gay” angle gets old. Queerty has a better balance of personality.

  • Aaron J.

    Do you read suggestions that people send to the “holla” address? Because I sent one and I really think you should post it. Kthxbai.

  • Swellster

    How about not showing ass shots on the main splash page for those of us who are at work reading this tripe?

  • Really?

    So here’s a comment from a visitor that never left a comment before: the deal with the thumbnails sucks. We understand that now you have more page views. Good for you. You made the surfing experience @Morning Goods etc. a living hell.

  • jr

    thanks for that — as a daily QRT browser, i like having a bit of context to put the site in. I also like the fresh ideas and the willingness to branch out and try new things — such as today’s weekend listings. I’d love for this to become a one-stop-shopping news/entertainment/community forum site for politically and socially open-minded gays. that may be a tall order for a one man operation, but still. Maybe i should confess that i found qrt while googling something like “gay news” or conservative gay news — a search that also turned up towelroad. i love the “no agenda…” policy! it’s refreshing since most gay news online presupposes total submission to the democratic party.
    anyways, keep up the good work, you’re off to a great start japhy.

  • Michael

    Japhy needs to read his own response entitled “Why everyone hates redesigns.” It should provide sufficient explanation and evidence as to why many, including myself, think he is fairly rude and full of himself. I hope he is not actually like the person is his response.

  • Aaron J.

    What is up with this ridiculous spam filter?

  • Lux8600

    I love all the stuff you do Japhy, and you do have to have a thick skin in this bizz, tho the gay negs are minnows compared to some of the bs I see from straights on other venues. I like that actually, that straights are bitchier queens than gays.

    You have great taste in MEN with your pix. As far as black or yellow dudes, umm, they would have to be off the chart exceptional to buzz my briefs, specially Asians, yikes, that just won’t happen.

    Your writing is awesome, keep it up!!!

  • Lux8600

    PS That shower pic above is HOT!

  • Alec

    @Lux8600: That’s Tom Ford snapping the towel, I believe, and he’s probably one of the sexiest men alive.

  • hardmannyc

    Interesting and informative, although you didn’t really explain why you have a bug up your butt for Regent — and HX, for that matter (although everyone guesses that one’s because David used to work there).

  • rogue dandelion

    for answering my question about sufjan, I love you, now and forever.

  • PJ

    This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for taking the time to get reader feedback. Hopefully, you can make this a regular event.

  • Michael W.

    I love those compact gymnast guys too.

    And college wrestlers, yum.

  • ko

    re: female Morning Goods

    The point is not just to find “hot ladies” on the internet, but hot ladies that cater more towards the lesbian gaze rather than the hetero male gaze. It would be great to see that on Queerty, say, once a month or so.

    I remember twice in all the years I’ve been reading this site that women were used for morning goods. It was a nice gesture to your female readers. After all, your logo does seem to be lesbian-inclusive.

  • InExile

    Love this site!

    Hate the new design.

    Is that a picture of the Queerty staff taking a shower? Looks like you have fun at work if it is!

  • tofer david

    i enjoy the redesign and the content here seems much improved over a year ago.

    thanks japhy.

    maybe we can get a drink at pieces sometime, hehe

  • scott ny'er (formely scott)

    @ko: I have to agree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Lesbian morning good or a trans (if there is such a thing).

    Queerty needs Rosie O’Donnell in a bikini. Or s&m gear like in that movie of hers.

    I keed. I keed.

  • Erick


    Michael, you do realize that was David Hauslaibs post not Japhys right? Oh thats right, you dont.

    You should get your information sorted before making a comment.

  • Michael W.

    @Erick: It’s hard to tell who posts what. They removed the bylines for some reason.

    Rule of thumb, as far as I know, is that all the long, drawn out posts with big words seems to be Japhy and the gossipy and short posts and half naked men (Morning Goods the exception) is David.

    No idea where “Cord Jefferson” fits in.

  • Alexa

    I’ve been reading here since the beginning and I don’t think there’s ever been an actual female morning goods, ie. in place of the regular male one, but a couple of years ago there were a few female posts in addition to the daily male one. We were promised more, but they stopped. Considering the pic in this post is a typical straight male fantasy and nothing I find hot at all, that might be a good thing ;-) So while it is definitely easy to find pictures of women online, they’re aimed at straight men and not always what most lesbians (in my experience) find hot. Just like most so called lesbian porn is a huge turn off for actual lesbians.

    @scott ny’er (formely scott): I’d take Rosie in a bikini over the cowgirl pic. And I’m not even joking.

  • scott ny'er (formely scott)

    @Alexa: That was pretty interesting, at least to me. I always wondered what “type” Lesbian women find attractive. I know not everyone has a type but, I would think that a majority of Lesbians might find a certain type attractive. It’s just not the cowgirl slutty bar type, it seems.

    You should mail the Queerty folk some examples. Just a suggestion. Maybe this?

  • forbesfart

    Hey Thanks for everything.

  • sparkle obama

    >>As far as black or yellow dudes, umm, they would have to be off the chart exceptional to buzz my briefs, specially Asians, yikes, that just won’t happen.<<

    too much information, trash.
    you are what’s wrong w/america.

  • Joseph

    thanks for the insight

  • Jim Key

    Japhy –

    For a writing/editing staff of one, you produce an amazing amount of content and when I have a chance to visit your site, I enjoy the mix of content.

    Regarding your “beef” with Lorri Jean for supposedly not agreeing to an interview with you. I still have a copy of our last email exchange in which I told you I would consider arranging such an interview. In fact, as you’ll recall, I’m the one who first suggested such an interview. Lorri has done interviews with every journalist who has requested one and has participated in several town hall meetings, at which anyone has been able to ask her a question.

    But Japhy, you’ve shown no interest in the Center’s marriage equality work.

    We’ve pitched you many times to make your readers aware of the opportunity to join hundreds of other volunteers for our door-to-door canvassing as we change hearts and minds about marriage equality and gather valuable data regarding messages that are effective in persuading people to support our freedom to marry.

    The Center has been doing this work for more than 4 years – one day I’d love for you to accept our invitation to join us.

    For those reading this, I’ll make a plug now: please join us for tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) canvass – details can be found at: We provide training before you start – it’s something anyone can do! In fact, right now you can find a story about our canvassing work at, featuring Kathy Griffin who volunteered with us last month.

    I had also hoped you would have shared with your readers information about the Center’s video contest:, through which we hope to inspire the development of 60-second videos that have the potential to change hearts and minds in support of marriage equality. A fantastic panel of judges will award $2,500 to the creator of the video they select as the best.

    If you now have an interest in not only asking Lorri whatever questions she can answer about the campaign, but sharing with your readers opportunities for them to get more involved in promoting marriage equality, let’s set it up!

    And if you have written about the initiatives I’ve mentioned, and I somehow missed it, please accept my apology and let me know where I can find the stories.



  • Shaniqua Ubangi

    @hardmannyc: Yeah I don’t get the HX/Regent hate either outside of Andrew and David’s dislike…can’t we find something else to talk about because it makes you look more than a little petty

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    cool about the arts and music…though I still think we can do with more then we had on Thursday..

    Thanks Japhy.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Also, what happened to the cooking segments?? That was cool!

  • afrolito


    “As far as black or yellow dudes, umm, they would have to be off the chart exceptional to buzz my briefs, specially Asians, yikes, that just won’t happen.”

    You are an ignorant, racist piece of trash. I hope you choke on your stupidity.

    Thanks for answering my questions Japhy, but i’m not buying them.

    I don’t for one minute believe it’s that difficult to find hot black, ASIAN, and latino men for the morning goods. You can find plenty at the same places you steal all the other pics from. Yes, there definitely is aryan standard set by gay white photogs, but it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. I’ll send you some links.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt about not purposefully scapegoating black people as the sole arbiters of homo-repression, but the negative stories about black people here, far outweigh the positive imo, and only feed into the already pervasive racism in the gay community.

  • afrolito


    I meant to say i’m not buying your answers.

    This is why we need a self edit feature.

  • scott ny'er (formely scott)

    @afrolito: I’ll agree with you on this. I also inwardly questioned the response about not being able to find hot black, Asian and Latino men. Queerty is just NOT looking hard enough. It’s definitely out there.

    I don’t think Lux8600 is racist or ignorant. I think it has different tastes and unfortunately doesn’t know how to communicate effectively and properly without offense. It would have just been easy to say, I dig the morning goods the way it is, the others aren’t my type. But by Lux8600 saying “yikes”, there is a inference of disgust. So racist. Naw. Ignorant. Naw. Offensive and trash. Pretty much and quite possibly.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Justin

    @Michael: That was from David Hauslaib. Don’t diss Japhy for his asshole boss.

  • RainaWeather

    @Swellster: I agree. I can’t even read the top of the page

  • RainaWeather

    So, we can find plenty of hot ladies on the internet but not hot men? BULLSHIT! Please don’t tell me you think those cowgirls are actually a turn on to even a few lesbians on this site.

  • RainaWeather

    And what’s with these pictures not even being related to the topic? What is the relevance of this picture to this topic?

  • Michael W.

    @afrolito: Pervasive racism in the gay community? According to who?

    Not being attracted to a certain race doesn’t make you a racist.

  • Aaron J.


  • The Gay Numbers

    @Michael W.: It depends on the behavior. I dated a guy who upon having sex said he does not date black guys. He was a racist. I have a friend who dated a guy who woke up from a nightmare saying that he thought my friend (a black man) had robbed him. I know another guy who when I told him I disagreed with his position on healthcare said my views were based on my race. Some are. Others may not be. There is no one rule, and certainly no subject to saying it does not exist in the gay community. I am not supporting Afrolito. Just keeping it real about whats out there.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Re Find men of color

    Yeah- that’s hard to believe. There are a ton of gay black sites out there if you google them. So the idea that you can’t find any is hard to believe. Same with Asians and Latinos. I am equal opportunity (I fuck any race) – if I am able to find them, then I find it hard to believe you cannot.

  • Joseph

    Go to the picture of the women in thongs showing their asses. Look closely at the thong in the crack of the woman on the right, ew gross!!!!!!

  • bdyn

    “For the haters, I’m always open to suggestions on how we can do a better job.”

    I have posted many, many times about the new photo gallery format. I wish you would have responded to that question. Also, feel free to contact me directly.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Why don’t you email David?? What can Japhy who can’t say enough times that he doesn’t design this site tell you??

  • Michael W.

    @The Gay Numbers: You could be a straight guy on the dating scene with similar experiences involving women (including the tales from your straight buddies). So what? Those people were ignorant and insecure. It lends no credibility to the idea that there’s “pervasive racism” in the gay community.

    I understand you may not agree with Afrolito, but your argument and attempt to “keep it real” was clearly meant to reinforce what he said. Let’s keep it really real by citing the overwhelming number examples in your lifetime of gays of all races being kind and endearing for the most part. Why can’t we keep it real with positive experiences you and some of your (I’m assuming black) friends have had with white gays which no doubt outnumber the bad by a large margin? Or would that be keeping it fake?

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Michael W.:

    Oh please, I’ve never had positive experiences AT ALL. And this is from someone who has 80% been with more white then black people due to circumstances beyond his control.

    Damn, I have some stories!!

    That are exactly with what GN is trying to say….but I’m an equal opp, so I don’t think the sun shines out of black gays and that’s were you see the light.

    People are people.

  • Brianna

    I was looking for this yesterday and ended up skipping right over this post because of the “ass-shots” as Swellster mentioned. I would appreciate it if these posts would have actual relevant accompanying pictures. Actually, I’d appreciate it if you just didn’t have ass-shots on queerty at all.

    I agree. Also, “…After all, your logo does seem to be lesbian-inclusive.” THANK YOU. This is a point I made in my post in the questions thread that was screened and deleted by queerty for god knows what reason. Queerty, you going to get back to me on that one? Emailed you last week…

    I have to say… Thonged cow girls with ridiculous make-up totally do it for me… Actually, no.

  • Cee

    I’m a regular visitor. I’ve been coming to this site for a few months now a few times a week. I don’t like the new design. I always click Classic Queerty. I’m young and it’s not like it’s hard for me to get used to a new design like some older people have hard time with change. I just don’t like it. Don’t like how it’s outlined and don’t like the way the pictures are set up. The fact that you have to click on a page number to see the next picture in a photo gallery vs. thumbnails where you can see all the pics on one page and click which ones you want to see up close. It’s a no brainer. It’s kind of like People are still going to the website, but they lost a lot of people with the new design. Mostly non subscribers, but I know they lost a lot of subscribers as well. That’s why it’s so cheap to join now. A lot of chat rooms on that were once highly populated are now empty. The new design sucks. Enough about though. Point is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I like that Queerty still has classic queerty option though. So I don’t have to deal with the funky new design.

  • Cee

    Oh! I have a question. Why doesn’t Queert ever feature Penn & Teller on your site? That is a great show and they support gays. They have had several episodes supporting gays and making homophobes look bad.

  • V

    If you want one more comment, your new design is shit and thumbnails are a must!!!

    just because I ve kept silent doesn’t mean I liked it, like this interview suggests…

  • ko

    how about getting a “lesbian correspondent” on staff, to pick some pictures of hot women to post?

    It amuses me how uninformed many gay men can be about lesbian turn-ons. Queer women don’t have the same option, since we are continually bombarded with visuals designed to appeal to men.

    Personally, my “type” is found at some point in the vast spectrum between the arched-back cowgirls and Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Mike D

    w00t for Sufjen Stevens! His songs make me cry tears of joy as well as sorrow. And he’s very cute – especially when he has those wings on.

    As for all the other things – redesign is okay, but I look forward to seeing the next iteration.

    Keep up the good work! Queerty is spreading fast among the internet gays, and beyond!

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