(Alleged) Killer Uses Gay-Hate Excuse

As we learned from the dearly departed Gay Speak, there’s no shortage of insults for gay people. And, if given the chance, derogatory remarks can wear down one’s sense of self. While this may be true, we’re not sure how we feel about a case unfolding in Chicago.

A gay man named Nicholas Gutierrez is currently on trial for murdering and sexually assaulting a 51-year old woman named Mary Stachowicz back in 2002. Though he originally insisted he knew nothing about the woman’s death, Gutierrez still managed to lead coppers to her body (conveniently enough, it was stuffed in his crawl space). Further, DNA evidence found on the body matches a sample taken from Gutierrez.

Obviously none of this looks good, so his defense team has taken a bit of an unconventional road, maintaining that Stachowicz repeatedly derided Gutierrez for being gay. In her opening statements, attorney Crystal H. Marchigiani explained, “It happened because she could not leave him alone in his lifestyle.”

Okay. We don’t like homophobes, but we really don’t like murderers. While we definitely feel for Gutierrez, we have to say that’s a pretty shitty excuse for murdering someone.

Also, in an especially disturbing twist (especially considering the sexual assault aspect, which is twisted in and of itself), Marchigiani claims that Gutierrez projected images of his abusive mother onto Stachowicz.

She must be so proud.