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Allow Onision To Clarify His Comments About Kids Questioning Their Sexuality: Continue Keeping Quiet About It

Oh hey, heterosexual advice dispenser Onision read your comments about him. And he wants to set the record straight about his advice to young gays — or young “questioning” persons — about coming out. It’s not that he has anything wrong with your gayness (something we never assumed), he just doesn’t want people in the minority to be oppressed by the majority (something you should tell Jews of the 1940s and blacks of the 1960s).

Onision is talking about immutable characteristics that you can hide, and how possessing those immutable characteristics can work against you. But only if you “admit” to them. Skin color is a difficult thing to hide. Some would argue sexuality is less so.

How about minority statuses that you can change, like your religion? Should young people also hide that?

Because Americans hate minorities, you can’t be “impulsive and even stupid” about revealing your minority status, Onision argues. So for all you Muslim kids out there reading this, if you’re not sure you will always be a Muslim, take off your kofia and stop telling anyone you might be different. Because you should feel shame about this, not pride.

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