Allstate Insurance Celebrates Pride With Sweet Animation

giant handAllstate Insurance has released a sweet little animated short for Pride month that is also a little bizarre.

The video shows a guy with a giant hand being ostracized his whole life until he meets another man with a giant hand and they fall in love.

So, this is very nice of Allstate. It’s always pleasant to see companies stating their commitment to inclusivity.

But isn’t this a joke from The Simpsons? It’s the episode where Homer develops a crush on a coworker named Mindy, and knows that he has to cut off contact with her. He’s nervous and writes a little breakup speech on his hand. Meanwhile, another plant employee has written a similar note on his hand, but it’s far longer because his hand is enormous. “I am tired of these jokes about my giant hand. The first such incident occured in 1956 when…”

Also, it’s is kind of distractingly markety, since Allstate’s whole deal is that you’re supposed to be safe in their hands. So it feels a little like they’re saying “hey look everybody, hands, remember hands? Hands are our brand and hands are what all the kids are talking about these days. Hands!”

But whatever. It’s a cute video and a nice little song. Happy Pride right back at you, Allstate Insurance Marketing Department!