Watch: Allusia Teaches You How to Properly Greet a Drag Queen

Allusia Hollywood How to Greet a Drag Queen
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In a new fun and funny video, glamorous Hollywood drag queen Allusia teaches you the dos and don’ts when greeting a drag queen. The video also features the beautiful and fierce Cake Moss.

Watch the video below.

The Dos and Don’ts of Greeting a Drag Queen

  • Never touch a drag queen’s hair
  • Keep your hands off of a drag queen’s face
  • Accept the first name a drag queen gives you; don’t ask their real name
  • Never, never, never touch a drag queens face
  • Never touch a drag queens hair
  • Refrain from asking a drag queen about her tuck
  • Don’t ask a drag queen if she’s a man or a woman
  • Keep your hands off of a drag queens face