(Already) Fighting…

“John McCain’s presidential campaign filed a federal suit Monday against Virginia seeking to extend by 10 days the deadline for the state’s acceptance of military members’ federal absentee ballots.
Word of the suit emerged Monday afternoon, around the time that a separate election-related injunction request to extend voting hours in today’s election was being rejected in federal court… [The McCain suit] seeks an injunction to extend the date by which federal write-in absentee ballots must be received to be counted. The current deadline is today, but the suit seeks to have the date changed to Nov. 14. [Hampton Roads]

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  • ksu499

    If servicepeople overseas got their absentee ballots into the military mail system by the deadline, then by all means the logistical challenges of getting something from an outpost in Afghanistan to the proper Board of Elections office should not cause a soldier/sailor/airman to forfeit his right to vote. In order to win such a lawsuit, the McCain campaign will have to show this is likely to occur.

  • iloverai

    so, according to what I heard they(the servicepeople) got their mail-in ballots today…so, he wants the mail-ins to be accepted from those servicepeople. They don’t need to go to an elections office. if he wins it won’t really matter since they may have to just count them as provisional(meaning they’d only need to look to the if the election is close enough for the votes to change the outcome). The lawsuit is probably symbolic at this point since the margins are not going to be enough to make a recount necessary in VA.

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