"Dyke Bitch" Not Okay

Alycia Lane’s Station Respects The Gays

Philadelphia-based news anchor Alycia Lane brought shame to her CBS colleagues this week.

As we reported Monday, the journo recently went apeshit on an undercover cop, whom she deemed a “dyke bitch”. While Lane languishes in “vacation,” the honchos over at her local CBS affiliate want the gays to know that will stand by our collective side:

CBS 3 is conducting its own investigation of whether Lane, who now is off the air on “vacation,” called a female New York undercover cop a “dyke” and slugged her in the face early Sunday on a New York City street, the station said in the statement.

“Alycia and her lawyer have categorically denied that she used this language,” said the statement from station spokeswoman Joanne Calabria.

“While Channel 3 is in the midst of its own investigation, we can state without hesitation that we find this language offensive, intolerable and inappropriate under any circumstances,” Calabria said.

Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal also reminds us that CBS 3 led the fight against Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s on-air homophobia: they were the first to drop the show from their frequency. Their action sparked a national movement.