Alyssa Edwards Has Major Crown-Snatching Deja Vu

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OK, this one requires a little explaining, but back in 2010, Drag Race Season Five contestant Alyssa Edwards had her Miss Gay America crown and title ruthlessly and unjustly yanked away from her.

It was an outrage!

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Actually, all the anecdotal evidence from the interwebs suggests that Miss Edwards lost the title after missing one too many contractual nightclub appearances.

The crown was then bestowed upon the first runner-up, fellow season-fiver Coco Montrese.

Edwards fired off this Tweet shortly after the Miss Universe fiasco Sunday night:

Did Coco have a part in snitching to the pageant organizers? Maybe, who knows. That’s the stuff of drag intrigue right there.

What is known is that Coco would later send Edwards packing again during a rousing lip sync to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted.”

How appropriate: