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Alyssa Edwards officiated a gay cowboy wedding and the photos are everything

Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of the “most fabulous gay wedding” bar clicking into place a good twelve notches higher than it was last week.

Over the weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite and all-around stellar queen Alyssa Edwards officiated a gay wedding.

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A gay cowboy wedding.

sparkly gay cowboy wedding.

A sparkly gay space cowboy wedding.

Robbie Richard and Neil Marek, fashion designers from Dallas, got hitched on December 16th.

One guest shared this on Reddit:

“So my friends Robbie and Neil got married last night at a dude ranch in north Texas and Alyssa officiated it!

She popped out of a cake and everything. I wasn’t allowed to take too many photos because they were filming for Alyssa’s new show but it was honestly an extravagant evening.

Honestly the whole night was VERY gay and I lived for the whole thing. There were ponies, neon, candles, a riding bull, and it was costume mandatory so everyone turned looks.”

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Check out some more photos below: