Amaechi Takes On Black Churches

We think it’s pretty tacky when people use our comments to promote their own work, but not when it’s Pam Spaulding. She’s just a doll. Just look at this picture of her and John Amaechi. Precious!

The shot got snapped at the National Black Justice Coalition’s Black Church Summit where Amaechi took on the church’s homophobic attitude, setting himself up as the great gay messiah:

I’m going to be a role model of substance, I’m going to stand up and I’m going to address the issues that I see as divisive…bridge the divide between the black community and the gay community and I’m going to talk about those issues at every opportunity I get. And I’m going to talk about real dangers…The black churches where people with powerful voices spill forth rhetoric like rotten fruit from their mouths, and I’m going to challenge those people.

Read what else he had to say by clicking here.

Spaulding also notes that Amaechi told her he reads her blog daily. Lucky bitch. Amaechi, if you’re reading this, we’d really appreciate a little note to know that we’re not totally bonkers when we say we can feel you undressing us with your eyes. Also, we must warn you: undressing us with your eyes has been known to cause hysterical blindness.