Amanda Lepore Grants Wishes…

Sure, we love fashion week, but we’re far more interested in the parties than the shows themselves. Seriously who wants to sit around in a crowded tent just to watch better looking people trotting around in clothes you can’t afford? Snoozefest! That is, of course, if you can get a seat, which apparently you couldn’t at Heatherette‘s Wizard of Oz themed show, according to the kids over at New York Magazine (really the Go Fug Yourself girls in disguise).

They saw the danger straight away, writing:

The first bad sign was the throng of people – many waving invitations – thwarted from simply getting inside the tent, period. Egregiously, the adorable, aged, venerated photographer Bill Cunningham was outside in the freezing cold.

Bill Cunningham? Those people are monsters! No one leaves The Grey Lady’s social butterfly shutterbug in the cold!

From this day forward, we’ll never, ever attend another fashion show – unless, of course, we get richer and/or better looking. But, we suppose we’d rather just get richer, then we can make ourselves better looking. Hey, it worked for Michael Lucas. Oh, wait, no it didn’t. Okay, we stand by our original statement…