Amateur Thief Busted For Robbing Grindr Trick After Friend Rats Him Out

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Surveillance tape of Williams being arrested on July 15.

A Houston man found himself the victim of a pump-and-dump robbery when the guy he hooked up with from Grindr stole his cellphone and wallet.

“The two met up and upon leaving the suspect stole the cellphone that had a wallet attached,” Jodi Silva, spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, told About.

The suspect was later identified as 23-year-old Robert Taylor Williams.

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According to police, Williams went over to the victim’s apartment on July 9 to, ahem, hang out for a while. He left a short while later, only to return after a few minutes claiming he forgot his keys. That’s when he swiped the victim’s cellphone and wallet.

According to Silva, he used the credit cards to make purchases at “gas stations and such.”

On Wednesday, the victim reached out to Williams via Grindr. The two men agreed to “meet up” at a popular gay bar called Guava Lamp. That’s when the victim called the cops. Realizing he had walked into a trap, Williams bolted.

When police arrived at the bar, they were unable to locate the 23-year-old. So they asked a friend of his to try and lure him back to the bar. Miraculously, it worked! The friend agreed to throw his buddy under the bus.

“The friend of the suspect assisted police in getting Williams to return to the scene where Houston Police promptly arrested Williams,” Silva said.

Williams is being charged with with theft, a Class A misdemeanor. According to Harris County District Clerk’s office, he has previously been charged with fraud and criminal mischief.

The moral of the story: When inviting strangers you meet on Grindr over to your house, always hide your wallet.

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