CA Gov. Jerry Brown Signs LGBT Education Bill

California governor Jerry Brown just signed The Fair Accurate Inclusive and Respectful Education (FAIR) Act which will ensure that public school students learn about the historical contributions of LGBT people.

Kudos Governor Brown for doing the right thing and kudos to openly gay state senator Mark Leno for introducing the bill to begin with!

Of course it will take four to five years to create new queer-inclusive history textbooks, but schools can start integrating LGBT material into their lessons earlier than that. Maybe they’ll take some recommendations from our list!

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  • TMikel

    This is an excellent development and a long time in coming. I dare say the far right will start to foam at the mouth and carry on, but it is time they realized we are not all fanatics.

  • WillBFair

    For PR reasons, I hope they put in our people who’ve made massive contributions to history; Baron Von Steuben, Alan Turing, Plato, Michealangelo, Leonardo, etc… But I’m afraid it’ll be a bunch of third stringers: Noel Coward and such.
    Actually, it’s time Hollywood started producing drama about our heroes. Glee is great PR, but if our contributions to society were widely known, it would be next to impossible to deny us equal rights.

  • Ganondorf

    And Tom Cruise is def going to make the curriculum.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Ganondorf: Don’t forget about Bubbles and Cadillac. All of Planet Unicorn should be included… including Shannon.

  • inoits2

    uhoh! I swear I think I heard some tiny xstian heads exploding over in California. And I am in NY!

  • L-inAustin

    Way to go Gov. Brown. Thank you for showing me that a democrat can exercise their ‘I-have-balls’ self to do what is right. Kudos; mental note for self if you run for President again.

    Unlike in our state, Texas, governor good hair and the conservatives voted to twist history books to take out Cesar Chavez and other people who have gone against what the conservatives think is the only life that should be lived.

  • McGullen

    Very big kudos to Gov. Brown.

  • tjr101

    California’s Gov. Jerry Brown is fairly liberal and I did expect him to sign this, well done!

  • ewe


  • Jean

    The problem with including people like plato and michaelangelo is they lived so long ago we can’t be sure as to what their sexual preference was. But turing is a good modern example he should be in the new history books. I think that the major difference is though the past can’t be changed now it will be recorded if someone is homosexual and can be taught to future generations with certainty.

  • Art

    Why is Brown not running for President? We could use a Democrat in there. Obama is clearly a trojan horse Republican.

  • Sebizzar

    Awesome :D And i was recently telling of some homophobes from around my city via a facebook post from our local news channel about this bill, so yay again lol!

  • virend kaushik

    how are


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