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  • marius

    My mind was made up after the Big Girls are Beautiful video.

  • Bitch, Please!

    I am sorry, but who is he again and why am I supposed to care?

  • galefan2004

    @Bitch, Please!: Apparently some transgendered (or cross dressing) guy/girl that sang a song sometime somewhere, and you are supposed to care simply because he is transgendered.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @GALEFAN2004: Thanks, dahling (kissy, kissy). I was not kidding, I didn’t have a clue who this person was. I am sure a lot of queers felt the same way I did.

  • galefan2004

    @Bitch, Please!: Your welcome babe. I’m flattered by the kisses. If you don’t stop it you are going to make me…

  • Bertie

    He’s from an uber-close Lebanese family – and he still lives in the basement apt of the London family townhome. I’m not sure if he is still closeted around the family — or if he just wants to hold on to the 14-year-old girl fans who brings him teddy bears. Ugh.

  • Marcellito

    He’s a really entertaining performer and is not at all full of himself. I was at the show and it was really a mixed crowd, mostly straight and 50% male-female split more or less. His new songs are somewhat doleful, but the old ones are full of childish fun. You either like him or hate him, but he is what he is. My gaydar tells me he is a girly straight boy, but who cares? Why do the queens attack nice little Mika yet swoon over bland Anderson Cooper?

  • alejandro

    OMG i LOVE mika!! <3333 he’s amazing and his music is jus great! the reason why he’s not realy known in the US is cuz they wont play his music, jus incase he’s gay. (on his album, he had a song about a man who fell in love with another man). up here in Canada, he’s well known :D everyone should check him out :)

  • Timmeeeyyy

    He’s hugely popular in Europe. And a quite talented pop singer/songwriter. His song Grace Kelly got quite a bit of air play in the US. He’s not closeted. He simply hasn’t fit himself into the neat little box of gay, straight, or bi, nor is he required to. His sexual identity is for him to choose, not us.

  • galefan2004

    @alejandro: Oh please, if they didn’t play your music in the US just because you were gay then please explain Boy George and Elton John. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are gay. They don’t play your music when you are just another Adam Lambert type musician with vocals that suck and the inability to know your own range unless you have very good marketing, and apparently this dudes marketing must suck.

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