Ambulance Driver Loves Voguing To Rihanna

emt vogue rihannaThere’s not much more to say about this clip than “here’s an EMT voguing to Rihanna in an ambulance.”

The song is “Pour It Up,” and the unidentified driver is apparently a huge fan.

It’s a little unclear where the video came from. The account that posted it has only two other videos, one of which appears to show the ambulance driver bopping around in the passenger seat of a car, so maybe he uploaded it himself. Or maybe his boyfriend did.

Is it possible that this is some viral video attempt to boost Rihanna’s profile? Or just some kind of Jimmy Kimmel fake-video thing? We’re hoping it’s real.

In any case, we’re hoping someone at Drag Race sees this and invites this guy to be a guest judge, or lead a dance-off, or whatever.

Rihanna herself responded to the video, posting, “This Paramedic guy just reminded me why God sent me here! I can’t stop now! Not now, not nevah!!!!”