AMC Theatres Will Screen Antigay Documentary. Can They Avoid Another “Duck Dynasty” Debacle?

AMCFocusWelcome to the latest installment of “Who Are The Gays Boycotting Now?” This week: AMC Theatres. And no, it’s not because of the pretentious spelling of “theatre.”

Apparently, the crazy anti-gay group Focus on the Family has rented a bunch of AMCs, and will use them to show a crazy antigay documentary called Irreplacable in May.

On one hand — this isn’t exactly AMC’s fault, right? They just rented out their theater to whoever had the money to pay them. And if FoTF wants to throw their dough away on silly projects like this, why not let them?

Except. This isn’t just a case of someone renting out a theater to watch The Lion King with all their friends. This is an opportunity for a bunch of really terrible, harmful people to spread a ton of lies about us. The documentary features interviews with people who advocate for erasing gays from newspapers; abusing us at ex-gay torture camps; and wiping away our rights.

Giving lunatics like this a platform isn’t harmless, and now AMC is complicit.

So, what can they do? Well, we wouldn’t recommend turning FoTF into martyrs by canceling their screenings. We’ve seen how well that sort of thing works with Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty.

Instead, AMC needs to distance themselves from the screening. Repudiate what FoTF stands for, starting with founder James Dobson’s statement that “Same-sex relationships undermine the future generation’s understanding of the fundamental principles of marriage, parenthood, and gender.”

And then AMC needs to pledge to donate a portion of FoTF’s revenue to groups that work to protect LGBT families. Give some small amount to undo the damage that this screening will do. Stop being complicit with the abusers. AMC already has a very nice diversity program, a score of 100 from HRC, and even made an It Gets Better video, so a little corrective philanthropy shouldn’t be too hard.

Also, please stop forcing all our cute little local one-screen movie theaters to close, thanks.

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