Amelie Mauresmo Wins Wimbledon


French lesbian tennis player Amélie Mauresmo finally shook off her nerves to win her first proper Grand Slam title on Saturday (she won her first earlier this year when her opponent wimped out and forfeited the final match).

After her victory, Mauresmo put on a cute “”2006 Wimbledon Champion. I am what I am.” t-shirt that was actually a Hypercolor (remember those?) t-shirt with a secret message: “Boo-yah straight girls; my arms are bigger than yours,” except it was in French.

We like Mauresmo not only for her sexy androgynous looks and her domination of the tennis court, but also because you can tell she’s had it rough. Prissy fellow tennis player Martina Hingis called her “half a man” in 1999, and you know it wasn’t the first time she heard that in her life. The only thing that would make us happier than Mauresmo’s Wimbledon title would have been to see her grab Hingis by her tight little Slovakian buns and make her face all red with Australian clay.

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