America’s Next Top Right-Wing Whacko

tyra banks

You know we love us some Tyra here at Queerty. And of course we don’t mean her dumb ass talk show, we mean America’s Next Top Model. The best part of the show, besides Miss J, is when the model/contestants try and express their ‘thoughts.’ It takes a lot to make Tyra look smart but these girls do it. Check out this video of one of the girl’s named Danny. She gives Alessandra Mussolini a run for her money.

“I don’t like gay people. I don’t like Muslims. I don’t like abortions. I don’t like anything liberal. But, other than that-I really like to get along with people…”

Now that is good TV. She better thank her lucky stars Janice Dickinson is off or she’d be just a fatless carcass by now. Still, it’s going to be especially good when she has to go up and defend her statement to Miss J. Let’s just say the bitch better know how to walk – fast!

Crooks and Liars via Towleroad

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