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America Doesn’t Care If Obama Picks a Female, Black, or Protesant Supreme Court Justice. But a Gay?!

According to a new Washington Post/ABC poll (of 1,001 adults questioned via telephone), four percent of respondents said a gay Supreme Court nominee would be a “positive” development; 22 percent stated it would be a “strongly negative” factor. And of course, The Olds, The Whites, and The Republicans hate the idea even more: “Senior citizens are more likely to consider a gay nominee a negative (34 percent, compared with 26 percent among those ages 40 to 64 and 19 percent among those younger than 40), as are Republicans (44 percent say it is a factor against) and white evangelicals (51 percent). Seven in 10 say it would not be a factor if the nominee were gay.” The same poll revealed eight-in-ten respondents saying it’s unimportant “whether the nominee is a woman, an African American or a Protestant.” [WaPo]