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  • Yann

    The French have always been a sexually advanced society as compared to the rest of the world.

  • samthor

    Paris has always been the height of world culture….

  • Dallas David

    I like France.

    The land of French Toast, French Kisses, French Fries. How can you not like it?

  • Jeffree

    France also has a core belief in “la laïcité” which refers to the separation of church and state.

    And try to see what would happen if you tried putting up those same snow sculptures here next to a national monument!

  • Pip

    why cant they draw a decent cock head?

  • Bob

    @Pip: Because it is Europe and they do not chop-off the foreskins of their newborn boys! This person is portraying an intact erect penis with foreskin.

  • Roach

    Actually, while America does get the occasional crop circle, most crop circles happen in the UK. America generally gets a tiny fraction of circles compared the the UK, sometimes as few as only one or two reported circles a year.

  • LB

    I was there and took a pic just like this… if only American guys were this large….

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