America Loves Gay Employees?

Here’s something to give you faith in the American public. A new survey by Out & Equal indicates the majority of American workers support their queer comrades.

The survey found that nearly eight out of ten (79%) heterosexual adults strongly or somewhat agree that how an employee does his or her job should be the standard for judging an employee, not their sexual orientation. And, seven out ten (71%) believe that also extends to gender identity.

A strong majority (90%) of heterosexual workers say they would feel indifferent or positively upon learning that a co-worker is gay or lesbian.

These findings, which sound like a bit of an overstatement, don’t exactly match up with gay folks’ take on the matter: “A majority of gay adults (65%) report they faced some sort of discrimination. Nearly half (47%) of gays and lesbians say they have overheard anti-gay comments on the job.”