American Apparel Designs New Bi And Trans-Inclusive T-Shirt For Pride

Jeff_PatrickAnother year, another Pride, and another American Apparel t-shirt to prove it all happened.

The Los Angeles-based clothing line has announced the continuation of their ongoing yearly partnership with GLAAD with a newly designed t-shirt whose proceeds will benefit GLAAD’s fight for equality.

In the past, GLAAD has collaborated with American Apparel to design the iconic “Legalize Gay” t-shirt and the simple yet powerful plain white tee sporting a giant pink triangle. This year, American Apparel marks a historic first with a Pride-themed tee inclusive for both the bisexual and transgender communities. The new t-shirt will read “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pride.”

American Apparel has gone a step further with their commitment to full inclusion by using a transgender model and same-sex couples in the upcoming ad campaign. Last year, Isis King made history by being the first transgender model in an AA ad campaign.

“We are thrilled to be renewing our partnership with GLAAD again this year,” said Dov Charney, founder and CEO of American Apparel. “LGBT Pride is something we care deeply about, and American Apparel is committed to this issue for the long haul. We hope everyone comes out and joins us at march near them.”

“By creating this transgender-inclusive t-shirt and tank, American Apparel is showing that they are not only trendsetters in fashion, but also trailblazers for equality for all LGBT people,” said GLAAD National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz. “Additionally, the company’s statement of ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride’ will show millions of people that not only is being an LGBT individual ok, but it is something to be proud of and celebrated.”

You guys, it’s been endorsed by that hot drug dealer from Party Monster! We’re sold!

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  • Dixie Rect

    Why? Why? Why???????

  • Paul F

    @Dixie Rect: Money! Money! Money!!!!!!!

  • Dixie Rect

    @Paul F: True, true, true!

  • boring

    Doesn’t make them any better than the complete and utter scumfucks they are, though.

  • Brian

    GLAAD should be ashamed of taking money from a sexist organization like American Apparel. Doesn’t GLAAD think about whom it forms relationships with?

    If you look at American Apparel, its mainstream advertising consists largely of half-naked women. Under no circumstances should gay men support this sort of sexism. American Apparel stinks and so does GLAAD.

  • balehead

    GLAAD has no shame…..big surprise…

  • Triple S

    @Brian: That’s not sexist. Those women agreed to go on there for that advertising campaign. What do you think sells? A frumpy looking women completely dressed, or one that appeals to the sexual desire of most men? Not saying it’s right, but it’s completely understandable, and again, NOT SEXIST.

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