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American Apparel’s ‘Best Bottoms’ Contest Is Like Guys With iPhones for the Hipster Set

With news that all of America’s homosexual men are, in fact, bottoms, we’re expecting about eighty-six thousand entries into American Apparel’s “Best Bottom 2010” contest. The hipster basics brand led by one of the nation’s sleaziest entrepreneurs is looking for two new dudes to become the faces bottoms of AA’s underwear campaign. Naturally, BUTT magazine is involved in the contest, where you’re invited to upload your bubble butt (or, in some cases, the flat extension of your back) for a chance to have all of America gaze at your goodies.

And given gay men’s obsession to show off their asses — you think most straight guys feel comfortable extending their asses toward a camera when not in the act of mooning? — this contest should skew gay. Also, because BUTT is plugging it.

Like so: