American Audiences Lose By Not Seeing More Televised Women’s World Cup Matches


So, Japan barely beat the U.S. in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup final—congrats to our radioactive competitors, Lord knows they deserve some good news! But watching I couldn’t help but think how in-often I see athletic women on non-cable broadcasts: such fine female athletes sliding and struggling on the international field, hugging their short-haired sisters,the American fans cheering and celebrating every goal, star-spangled banners waving in hands. Think of the young women watching, seeing what they could become; the young men discovering a newfound respect for female strength.

And then, someone at the bar changed the channel to the Real Housewives of Subservience where a blonde in lingerie massaged her shirtless husband’s feet. The contrast left me feeling a little sick to my stomach and hungry for what so many American sports fans never see… female success.