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American Family Association Picking Up Where Saw VII Left Off

Some people are calling Kick-Ass, where an 11-year-old character shoots and stabs her way to revenge, one of the most disturbing films of the year (decade? whatever). But they are wrong. The Family Research Council’s The End of Religious Freedom in America?, the anti-ENDA documentary starring noted thesbian Tony Perkins, is this year’s horror fest.

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  • Kyle

    You mean like how an employee, despite their deeply held religious beliefs, is not allowed to descriminate against a member of another religion? How is that not an incredible “threat”?

    Also amusing about this video is that they didn’t even attempt to describe what ENDA is or it’s basic purpose.

  • Xtian99

    christian organizations are MEANT TO DIE OUT …no reason for them any longer… the overly religious and fanatical have low intellects, inability to learn anything other than blind allegiance to illogical data and the inability to move with the times and grow, evolve, learn, etc.

    let them die out- let them feel the oppression thay have levied on others THROUGHT history as they die out. the people say do not discriminate or oppress, and if you do, you can no longer get a free pas by sayng “god” or “jesus”


  • Devon

    So how long until CNN airs this as part of their Saturday night lineup?

  • Storm

    This is just begging for a “The GAYthering Storm” type spoof. Please, someone with more video skills than I have give us one. Or two. Or ten.

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