‘American Male’ Offers Dark Look At Hyper-Masculinity And Internalized Homophobia


A new short film that looks at hyper-masculinity and internalized homophobia in American culture has just been released and it’s pretty intense.

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American Male tells the story of a college student who feels the urgent need to prove his masculinity to both himself and his fraternity brothers. In the process, however, he is forced to suppress his own sexual desires, and bury the parts of his personality that might be seen as too “feminine.”

The film is directed by Michael Rohrbaugh and is one of the three winners from MTV’s Look Different Creator Competition, which invited filmmakers to submit pieces exploring social privilege and how certain aspects our identities give us advantages (and disadvantages) in life.

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“I would like for viewers to gain a better understanding of what life feels like in the closet,” Rohrbaugh told the Huffington Post. “I also hope they’ll reflect upon their own lives and think about falsehoods that might be holding them back.”

Watch American Male below…