Americans Still Opposed To Your Hypothetical Gay Wedding, Interracial Marriage

A new Associated Press poll shows that 48 percent of Americans favor a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. And while 55 percent say that marriage laws should be decided by states, 45 percent don’t want their states to allow marriages, though they’re more accepting of civil unions. How progressive of them, throwing us a soup bone like that.

This is not really surprising when you compare it to a recent Gallup poll showing that 1 in 10 Americans still disapprove of inter-racial relationships (like the ones protected in Loving v Virginia). Unsurprisingly, elderly people disapproved of them most with Southerners, Republicans, conservatives, and those in lower education levels following close behind.

Image via Fibonacci Blue

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  • MikeE

    Ah, the United States of America – shining beacon of democracy and equality, leading the way in human rights.

    Democracy: where rich christian white people get to vote on who gets what.
    Equality: equality for rich christian white folk with good jobs, good blood, good connections.
    Human Rights: it SOUNDS good, what does it mean?

  • Cam

    In the year 2000 in the state of Alabama, there was still a law on the books outlawing interracial marriage. The was superseded by Loving v. Virginia so was unenforceable, but some people still thought it was embarrassing so they put it on the ballot to remove the law.

    Around FORTY PERCENT of the voters voted to KEEP the law on the books.

    So to all the people who sit around saying “Oh gee, lets just be quiet and sit back and be nice boys and girls and eventually people will love us and vote for our rights…just take a look at that. DECADES after interracial marriage was legalized, in a state with a high percentage of interracial marriages a HUGE percentage would still vote to keep it illegal.

    Lastly, there was recently a poll of republicans in Mississippi and FORTY SIX percent said they do not think interracial marriage should be legal. These are the types of bigots we are dealing with.

  • disco lives

    I’m surprised Queerty posted this…I figured the gays would completely ignore this poll and go ahead with their strange theory that Obama can win re-election while supporting gay marriage.

  • [email protected]

    Why don’t they just seem to *get* that we shouldn’t have to dignify our lives and loves to them…that we shouldn’t have to ask for THEIR permission!!!!

  • Crysta

    Face it, only idiots and bigots are stuck in the past…

    Guess where the past ends up.

    Polls of YOUNGER Americans (The future voting mainstream) SUPPORT truly equal rights.

    Enjoy your remaining years before your biased, hateful ways are put where they belong, in a nursing home!

  • the crustybastard

    @disco lives:

    Oh god no. Democrats could never be elected for being principled.

    They should carefully parse their message to appear to be be every bit as pandering and craven as any genuine bigot, and we should thank them for it.

    Expecting our leaders to actually lead? In America? Perish the thought.

  • pfftlecakes

    I will never understand why the opinions of the majority get to dictate the rights of minorities.

  • Ben wang



  • the crustybastard


    THE GOOD NEWS: There are two entire branches of government to check and balance any unconstitutional outcomes of mob rule.

    THE BAD NEWS: Those two branches have effectively opted-out of the checks-and-balances program.

  • Jake

    In 10 years all those old people will be dead

  • Cam

    @disco lives: said….

    “I’m surprised Queerty posted this…I figured the gays would completely ignore this poll and go ahead with their strange theory that Obama can win re-election while supporting gay marriage.”


    You might actually want to read the poll before making your comment.

    The poll also found that about the same number of respondents as last year — 53 percent — believe the government should give legal recognition to same-sex marriages, while 44 percent are opposed.

    IF you notice the numbers are all over the map, however, the majority still feel that gays should have marriage recognition.

  • jason

    A lot of the opposition to gay civil marriage comes from women. Women are extremely jealous of male-male sexuality and the relationships associated with it. It represents a double-superiority: women know that men are superior to them and that two men together doubles the superiority.

    It is as much a gender thing as it is a same-sex sexuality thing.

  • jason

    Also, notice how a lot of these breeders – both men and women – decry us for having sex through the anus. Well, last time I checked, breeders have a lot of sex through the anus. Women are known to put out their anuses for their sleazy breeder boyfriends. Don’t deny it, ladies.

    Moreover, breeder males penetrate women through a tube that serves as a conduit for urine and menstrual blood. Double ewwwww.

  • Chrisr

    God, please don’t let the people vote on issues like this… I don’t want slavery to come back x.X

  • kungfucoconut

    I’m not sure if you’re trolling or if you’re really that silly.

  • Charles


    Jason, I strongly suspect you’re trolling, but nevertheless – more absurd than virtually al your other comments (which is saying something) is the fact that you think that women urinate from their vaginas. I’m genuinely laughing aloud here… most kids know that by about 6.

    And for what it’s worth, the number of straight women sympathetic to gay rights VASTLY outnumbers the number of straight men. Do some research, asshat.

  • WillBFair

    Adding the people who support marraige to those who support civil unions gives us a healthy majority. It’s why I thought we should have gone for civil unions in the first place, won a few major victories, and used the pr as momentum for more important issues. It was a no brainer. But the self destructive crowd got their way as usual.
    Queue the self righteous demands for perfect Universal equality delivered yesterday on a silver platter.

  • Somewhere Between Justin and Michelle

    This just sucks. I live in Alabama, and I see this first hand.

    Obviously the people who are for gay marriage and interracial marriage a extremely few (at least out in the open), and keep it to themselves so you have no idea who’s for what without worry of being hit.

  • Somewhere Between Justin and Michelle

    ARE extremely few….*

  • tjr101

    Same-sex marriage will always lose at the polls because old straight white folks who have nothing else to do with their lives go out and vote whereas those who are more accepting and support ssm have other priorities and are not as motivated to show up at the polls. It also explains why conservative republicans win so many elections.

  • Secure Straight Men Aren't Homophobes

    @WillBFair: Who wrote: “we should have gone for civil unions in the first place…But the self destructive crowd got their way as usual. Queue the self righteous demands for perfect Universal equality delivered yesterday on a silver platter.”


    Brilliant idea! Of course, and Black folks in the 60s should have settled for riding in the middle of the bus instead at the front. Yeah, just reinforce the myth that GLBTs are second class citizens and should be treated as such. Through the courage and perseverance of members of our community who fought for FULL EQUALITY, and not some half-ass, simpering Uncle Tom notion of GLBT apartheid, we now have the means to challenge in court those laws which discriminate against us and our legal marriages. If you accept a “Civil Union” or a “Domestic Partnership” then you do not have a cause of action to take the matter to federal court and fight for national recognition of your relationship — along with the 1,500 plus benefits, rights and privileges on the state and federal level. Is that so hard to understand?

    If you immediately need some level of marginal legal protection for your relationship, I suggest a valid will and certain documents relating to powers-of-attorney. But make no bones about it, if we would have all settled for anything less than full marriage rights then that is all we would ever have. I don’t know about you but I am a full citizen of the United States of American, not a half citizen and, as such, I am entitled to every single right that every citizen of the USA takes for granted that comes with that citizenship.

  • perdeep

    This only goes to support my personal thesis that the people who are true bigots and hate gay people are the same ones who are racist, don’t think the disabled deserve “special” treatment, and secretly (or not so secretly) disrespect their wives. Gay Republicans, homophobic visible minorities, misogynistic gays, etc. all need to WAKE UP. Stop hating each other, band together, and fight against the people in power who are pulling all the strings and laughing as you fall for their game and waste your time squabbling with each other.

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