America’s ‘Best Lesbian Bar’ Egyptian Club Won’t Survive Recession

The Egyptian Club in Portland, Oregon was named in 2009 by GayCities as America’s best lesbian bar. It will be closing Oct. 9, as the “economy has taken it’s toll on our community and on our bar.”

In a note posted on the club’s website, the owners say, “The miracle we are looking for is either to win the lottery, or an immediate upturn in the economy that would allow for record sales in the near future along with enough residual business to sustain us for however long our community would have us here. With the way we see businesses closing all around us, we think it would be a miracle for that to happen. We are not looking for fundraisers, or handouts. Those would only help temporarily. We want to sell our product to people who want it. We are a business. We live by different rules than the non-profit organizations we do fundraisers for.”

Gay nightlife isn’t a charity? This is news.