America’s First Legal Male Prostitute Will Not Have Sex With Other Dudes. For Any Price

Markus, a stage name, this month becomes America’s first legal male prostitute, thanks to Nevada updating its hooker law to let the dudes take part. But he asks, kindly, that you not call him a prostitute; gigolo will do just fine. The former LA-via-Alabama porn star is taking up at the Shady Lady Ranch, north of Las Vegas, and is offering his services for just $200 for 40 minutes. That’s not a whole lot, given what the ads on Craigslist tell us about male services. But sorry, fellas, you won’t be able to experience for the joy of Markus: he’s not going gay-for-pay.

“I don’t discriminate based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, or skin tone. Notice I left gender out. That’s for a reason,” he tells Details. Yep, he’s only there for the ladies.

I think gay people are very put-together. I think they’re very classy, very well-organized people. They have great personalities. I have nothing against them, but that’s not me. And as the first male that’s entering this field legally in the entire United States, I’d like to assert my rights and say that I can sit here and have a decent conversation, but I draw the line at that. In the adult industry they said, “Well you’re not going to make enough money. The equation’s already set—you have to go gay for pay if you want to make the big bucks.” So, that’s prostitution, in my opinion. That’s disrespect to the artist. My sphincter isn’t for sale. But what is for sale is companionship—total appreciation for whoever walks through that door. I’m not saying I’m special. I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone, but I’m definitely unique. And I think it’s a good thing.

So if we just want to cuddle and hold hands, would that be okay?