America’s Gays Are Coupling Up Faster Than We Can Create New Baby Gays

In just one year, between 2008-09, the number of American same-sex couples increased from 564,743 to 581,300, or about 3 percent, according to the Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey. That beats domestic population growth, which stands at about 1 percent. Quick, while we’ve got a head start!

Unmarried partners jumped from 414,787 to 429,179, according to an analysis of the data from the Williams Institute, and self-identifying husbands/wives went from 149,956 to 152,121. The data also shows gay couples — while stiller better off than straight ones — grew poorer faster in the recession: “While the average household income of same-sex couples exceeded that of different-sex married couples ($104,048 vs. $93,351, respectively) in 2009, the incomes of same-sex couples fell by 3% between 2008 and 2009. This compares to a 1.8% decline among different-sex married couples. Same-sex male couples were particularly affected as evidenced by the 4.4% decline in their household incomes. This figure also exceeds the 3.6% decline in income among all households in the US.”

So either more gay folks are entering significant relationships, or they just feel more comfortable telling strangers about them.

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