America’s New Lesbian Power Couple Will (Not?) Attend DNC Fundraiser


If the invitation is still to be believed — and there have been many, many amendments to the official guest list — former RIAA chief and current PR strategist-slash-CNN talking head Hilary Rosen will be at the Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council fundraiser on Thursday. We’re assuming she’ll attend with newly announced girlfriend Randi Weingarten, who might be attending only because she’ll have a chance to troll the room looking for job prospects.

UPDATE: Rosen writes in to Queerty saying she will not be attending the DNC fundraiser after all. Her name, however, is being circulated on an invitation to Nancy Pelosi’s Wednesday evening reception (Rosen is listed as a “host”) and among the “confirmed guests” for Thursday’s fundraiser.

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  • ChristopherM

    Well of course they are. Rosen was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer just GUSHING over the wonderful largess of our government within 2 minutes of the press conference last week.

  • virga

    Again: Hillary Rosen is evil. Don’t even give her the time of day.

  • Movement Guy

    Again, get your facts straight. Weingarten is leaving UFT to because she has taken over the leadership role of AFT. She is not “trolling for a job” but speaking with policymakers who can have an impact on the union she represents.

    C’mon guys, stop writing shit that isn’t true.

  • Fitz

    Here’s hoping they get bashed on the way home, with a regulation baseball bat.

  • Doug

    I have to say that I believe we may blow it in achieving our rights by acting like a bunch of deeply oppressed CRYBABIES!!! I do trust President Obama and believe him to be a thoughtful man of his word, I could be wrong? But the way I see it is that many of us just want to have a HISSY FIT and force Obama to change everything overnight. We have been fighting, crying and DYING to achieve equal right and acceptance by society forever, and we will prevail in time. But Obama has been president less then 6 months for GODS SAKE! Look at Neda and those fighting and dying in Iran for their voice and vote to be heard, How long have they been waiting? I’m sure I’ll get angry responses calling me names like self hating gay or traitor or whatever drama queens want to call me, but I think we may be whining and crying too much and it may bite us in the ASS! I believe we will have our rights in time and I do know how painful it is being denied our rights and dreams. I can be a little more patient and keep my trust in President Obama. Give a little more time to see if he delivers and if we see nothing by midterm elections then hold him and the dems in congress accountable and votefor someone else. But remember you could be in much worse position, like gay in Iran?

  • Doug

    So Fitz, now you want to BASH GAY PEOLE?

  • SM


    Doug…I think you are exactly right :)

    I also don’t think Obama is “playing” the LGBT equality issue or people. I think he is “playing” the Republicans. There is more than one way to spin a news story.

    If I were in Vegas, that is how I would bet.

    Time will tell~

  • Qjersey

    Randi is only concerned with her own power. She has done nothing to benefit the community.

  • imayogi

    These two are gross. Why give ’em attention Queerty? “Power” … UGH … “Attention Seeking” is more like it.

  • Fitz

    @Doug: I am FINE with bashing Kappas, regardless of how they like their sex. FINE.

  • g

    Randi Weingarten is going to be president of the AFT. That’s why she left the UFT. It was announce month’s ago == ou homophobic dopes. CHECK YOUR FACTS

  • imayogi

    Weingarten is going to be pres of AFT……ahhhh, that’s why Rosen latched onto her. Makes sense now.

  • Oberlix

    Is this the begaining of OBAMA’S AND NANCY PELOSI’S 1000 YEAR RIECH????

    You have seen it with your own eye’s in Mo. on CNN And FOX News
    People Whom Obama has said share HIS Aganda ,HIS Vision Of a NEW America, Beating up protesters of Obama’s UHC plan.
    Beating up lawful Americans in the streets trying to met !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is the SIEU Union And Acorn to Obama, as the Brown Shirts and Gestapo Were to HITLER In 1930’s Germany?

    The UHC Plan is OBAMA’S Nurenburg Laws for the sick and elderly in America!!
    Don’t sit and wait for the FINAL PLAN!!!!
    Tell your Congressman HELL NO TO UHC!!!!!!

    IS THIS FISHY ENOUGH??????????
    Do you think this may get me on his Enemy’s list? I hope so !
    I lived in Germany for many years, and have many older German friends who remember the Hitler years and they look at Pelosi and Obama with fear!!!!!!!

    Remember what happend to Gay’s after Hitler had full power.

    They went the same rt. as the Jew’s!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maggie

    These two are just adorable! Really sweet looking. Well ,maybe not. Are they going to stay home with the twins that night or will it be the other mommy?

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