America’s Newest Political Party: Unity08. And They Sorta Care About Gay Marriage

Democrats. Republicans. Greens. Unities? A new push from President Ford and Carter’s administration alums and two-term former Maine governor Angus King are making an earnest effort to take the White House in 2008 by pushing a “unity ticket.” Whether they attach themselves to independents or secure presidential and vice presidential candidates from opposing parties to run on the same ticket, Unity08 is hoping not to spoil the election, but to snap up all the votes from other parties.

So far, they don’t have a frontrunner for their ticket, but they’ve already got a platform. They’re “crucial issues” include education, energy independence, deficit spending, global terrorism, health care and nuclear proliferation. And their “important” issues: gay marriage, gun control and abortion rights.

Funny, because those latter three are just about all Americans can focus on.