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America’s Youngest Gay Mayor Evan Low is Ambitious, Driven, and Hot


Now that homosexuals have spread their 2(x)ist briefs from every corner of this country, it’s getting harder and harder to be gay and have a first. Gerry Studds was the first gay U.S. congressman; Barney Frank was the first one to come out on his own (after much pressure). Dan Choi has the dubious honor of being President Obama’s first fired gay linguist. So, then, what’s so special about a guy named Evan Low? He just become the youngest gay mayor in America.

Not that any organization really tracks that data. Just crowned mayor of Campbell, Calif. (population: 38,000), Low is also believed to be the youngest Asian American town mayor. (Low, a city councilman, is appointed by the city council.)

And because all gays are overachievers, Low will handle his new duties while nabbing his master’s degree from San Jose State University and keeping his daytime as the senior district representative to State Assemblyman Paul Fong.

But one thing remains unclear: Is this cutie single? In a 2007 interview with Passport magazine, he wouldn’t say. The Internet, though, has a tendency to figure these things out.