Among the Reasons to Hate Homos: They Stole Rainbows, Skipping, and Lisps

Thomas Waters normally busies himself blogging about how gay the Bible is. Greg Steinick goes into full on sarcasm in explaining “Why I Hate Gay People”: they get more women than he does, they dress better than he does, they stole the rainbow and Elton John, Vin Diesel, any form of music, theatre, the color pink, Ellen DeGeneres, skipping, frolicking, and prancing, and at one time Adolph Hitler. Also: lisps. We <3 you, Greg.

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  • chris

    this was actually really funny. Some of his lines were cliche, but overall, he had some funny stuff. Ocean-pride parade, lol!

  • BradK

    Wait….when did we “get” Vin Diesel? Not that I wouldn’t take him in a second.

  • sal


  • andy_d

    @sal: An oblique reference to “The Night of Long Knives,” I would imagine.

  • beergoggles

    Wow what a hottie. I didn’t hear a word he said, I was too busy fantasizing…

  • mb00

    Oh, straights can have Vin Diesel back. I never wanted him in the first place.

  • Greg Steinick

    Hey I’m Greg Steinick! I made this video, that’s me not Thomas Waters. Thanks for posting my video though! I hope you all realize it is not hateful, and is making fun of why people hate gays. :)

  • Chuck

    You forgot to add how you can’t be “gay” (which used to mean “happy”) without being a knob-gobbler and how you can’t “smoke a fag” anymore without having some homo’s cock in your mouth!

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