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Amy Coney Barrett says she didn’t know one of the most homophobic groups in the world was homophobic

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony. Via Flickr.
“My experience with the Blackstone program at which I spoke was a wonderful one. It gathers the best and brightest Christian law students from around the country, and as you said, I gave a one-hour lecture on originalism. I didn’t read all of the material that the students were given to read. Nothing about any of my interactions with anyone involved in the Blackstone program were ever indicative of any kind of discrimination on the basis of anything.”–Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, denying that she knew the Blackstone Legal Fellowship Program of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group she’d lectured to on five occasions, had led efforts to recriminalize homosexuality. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the ADF a hate group over its activities, including filing a 2003 legal briefs to keep anti-gay sex laws legal in the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case. Furthermore, the group has equated homosexuality to pedophilia, endorsed conversion therapy, defended forced sterilization of transgender people and opposed discrimination protections for LGBTQ people in the USA and abroad.