Uses Said Lesbian Daughter As Pawn In Homophobic Plot

Amy Contrada Pulls Lesbian Daughter From School

Holy fuck! We thought Fred Phelps and his diabolical offspring were crazy, but Amy Contrada and her Mass Resistance pals may take the cake for their latest rat shit antics.

As a retaliation for daughter Claudia’s coming out and role in the The Laramie Project, Contrada decided to yanked her daughter from school. This bitch makes Joan Crawford seem like Betty Crocker!

Contrada’s pals at Mass Resistance were quick to hop on board, sending out a statement that accuses gay journo Mark Snyder of exploiting “special needs” Claudia into coming out and exploiting her for his allegedly abominable agenda. Mass Resistance, of course, then uses Claudia for their anti-gay crusade:

Claudia’s “coming out” was exactly what Mark Snyder was looking for. It’s unclear whether he found out from other kids he was in contact with, or whether Claudia mentioned it. But he moved pretty fast.

He persuaded her to do an “exclusive interview” with him, which he promptly published on his website, and he encouraged his friends to add comments. He then blasted it out the homosexual community everywhere he could.

Almost immediately, dozens of homosexual web sites and blogs across the country picked up Snyder’s posting and commented on it. Some of the stuff they printed is so vile that we can’t print it here. Homosexual activists began to contact Claudia via her Facebook account. As for Claudia, she couldn’t believe how “popular” she was becoming. She was excited that she was now “famous”.

Then the big guns began to hit on her. It shows how revolting these people are, and how they’re willing to take advantage of vulnerable kids for their own ends.

Oh, yeah, we’re revolting. We’re the ones tormenting a teenager and using her to further our ignorant, homophobic, backward and ultimately pitiful ideology. Right

Oh, and the Mass Resistance leader Brian Camenker creepily posted pictures of Claudia’s Jesse McCartney-centric bedroom. That’s reportedly “proof” she’s not a lesbian. Camenker doesn’t realize, however, that McCartney’s a lesbian, too.